Thinking of maining E.Honda, please help. I need guidance, on how to start

After picking AE 2012 up a couple of months ago, I have been struggling to find a main who I can dominate with, I mained ryu back in vanilla, but ryu is boring and overplayed now. I tried sagat, although my defence was good, my offense what lacking, then I tried abel, he was too mixup based. I need somebody whose both solid and simple, as I don’t tend to play characters who are focused on mix-ups and frame traps ect.

Tbh, I’ve never played any, but he looks solid…but where do I begin? There does look like a lot to learn like the HHS method, but there seems to be a few ways, which one is the best? Is there a beginners tutorial for Honda, and is he solid to pick up?

Any help is much appreciated, thanks.

Learning HHS is a good start. I use LP-HP-MP-LP-HP, but you can also try LP-MP-HP-LP-HP. I assume you’re a stick player.

With HHS, you can do 225 damage off of crouching jab, which is really powerful for footsies and so on. This threat becomes even more dangerous when you have Super, where you can convert to around 400 damage, 450 if you learn how to do another rep of HHS before Super (this one takes a while to get down though).

Best pokes: c.LP, s.HP (super-cancel OK), s.HK
Best air normals: nj.HP (you can move forward and back with it), j.HP (jump back fierce in particular has helped in many situations), j.MP (insane priority)
Anti-air: LP Headbutt, EX Headbutt, EX Sumo Splash, s.HP, Super, Ultra I

The EventHubs page on Honda is a good place to start, if you haven’t already read through it. It has a good overview of the character, purposes for moves and normals, and standard combos.

Honda overall is a solid character. He has a bunch of bad matchups, but a bunch of good ones too. When it comes to execution, he’s definitely easier than a bunch of the other characters, but you do have to always be solid when you play as him.

ALSO honda is a patient character. so you are gonna get blown up pretty much against juri, sagat etc. just be patient ok and also honda has no good AA normal while standing lol

Except for st.HP,, st.LP.

s.MK also works in certain situations!

I don’t want to toot my own horn… but I’m gonna. Watch this. It should help a little.[media=youtube]hsFiQPtX7Ww[/media]

Really? I’ve been having better luck with fireball characters in 2012. It’s the cross-up and mix-up guys that I have trouble with due to lack of a high-priority anti-air and constantly losing charge.

Big_Hawk, that was the BEST Honda tutorial video I’ve ever seen!! Thanks SO much for going through all of his moves, when and when not to use them, and providing your own play as examples. I’ve mained Honda for a while now (though I still suck at SFIV), and still this taught me quite a bit and gave me some new ideas, again, due to you showing us your actual matches and play style. I can’t thank you enough!

If you’d like to add me on PSN and show me a thing or two (I have a mic, so you won’t be with a mime), please do! PSN: Chaos242

Hope to hear from you and get a couple of matches in!

Thanks bro. I’m glad you liked the vid and understand the way I put them together. I intend to do a follow-up vid on a non-specific view on Honda’s match-ups. I have NO idea when I’ll finish it but hopefully with in the month.
I’ll try to add you to the list but I play at weird hours and not as much as I used to (except for yesterday I hadn’t played for a month and a half because of a big move) and seeing as how I got another kid on the way in the very near future I might be playing a lot less, but hopefully we can get some games in.