Thinking about getting a Pelican stick

I was thinking about buying this stick to hold me for awhile until I can get a better one. I’m limited in where I can buy from, so that’s another reason why I’m considering settling for this.

my game stop NEVER has any sticks

Pelican is a decent 3rd-party brand for other stuff, like wireless gamepads, but NOT sticks IMO.

Best to just spend a little more for something like the SF:AC stick($54 new with free shipping on e-bay). Not that its a “Great” stick either, but its gotta be a lot BETTER than that one.

i have a tekken 5 stick and a sf 15 anniversery stick

Interesting, how does this tekken 5 stick stack up to the SF:AC one?

Why would you wany anything else?

For only 10 bucks I think it’d be worth a shot, but I’ve had Pelican’s finest stick (Universal Real Arcade?) and it sucked. It lagged and wore out in a matter of a month or two. It didn’t take me long to buy Happ parts and start building them myself. I would save the 10 bucks and put it towards a custom stick, but if you really need something that resembles a stick 10 bucks isn’t much to lose.
Check with DreadedFist, Finkle, chippermonkey, etc. 'cause a good custom will last forever (with occasional maintenance) and play much better.

i like the sf 1 better my tekken got like worn out from how much i played it the lp dosent work LI and L2 are stick and some of the pain t has been rubbed off from where i put my hands on it when i play
and the sf stick said new on the tag but the ps2 cord dosent work

i just went out and bought the pelican stick yesterday. however i’m only interested in the pcb and the fact that it is wireless and its multiconsole.

i just have to figure out how to get around the battery issue since it does require 4 double a batteries. this is going to go into a seimitsu modded t5 stick.


Do not by any chance buy that stick ever!!

I think it would be cool if someone used a PCB from a wireless pad, and made a wireless arcade stick with it.

Whats the problem with the batteries? Just mount that part inside the stick too.

the problem with it is that i would have to unscrew the t5 base just to change the batteries. but i think i found a solution. the pcb uses an on button which i thought would make this hard. but i think i’ll just get a 4 aa battery holder from radioshack with cover and have the wire come out of the stick itself. but the battery holder itself has on off switch. oops sorry of topic.

get the pelican if you are gonna use the pcb. they have a non wireless one also that might interest you as it is much more mod friendly. it is black and yellow also by pelican.

that stick is shit.

Kill it with fire!

I agree, it is a terrible stick. GameStop shipped me one by mistake and I wanted to cry just from touching it. The wired version would probably be good for the pcb, but I think the wireless feature would be more of a hassle than a benefit.

Yeah, I’m kind of desperate but I’ll refrain from buying it. Sure it’s $10 but the fact that you have to buy batteries constantly for it will make up for the cheap price, and it’s probably crappy. Maybe I’ll check into building my own.