Think like the enemy?

well so far iv got my character’s basic combo’s and links even i execute them worse then tolorable so i can basicly… “fight” but execution wont be helping me if my enemy see through my every move yes?

so how can i do the same? i know i cant be seeing execly what my enemy is doing right away but even if i do see it, i dont know how to retaliate… so can anyone tell me how do i react to certain moves in SF4 like what do i do if some1 just keep hammering me with fast moves… how long should i block what to do if they jump me and so on… a link to a “how to retaliate enemy moves” will be nice too… cus i dont realy know where to find it…

secondly… anyone has any tips of how to start an assault with makoto… the only thing i can think of is jump HP/K and conteniue combo… keep in mind i am realy a noob xD about 2 weeks experience… or something… maby less

thanks in advance ^^

play the game. There is no shortcut to the knowledge you ask for. Only experience will teach you what you are looking for. If you find a character that you are having a lot of trouble against learn that character too. Since you are so new spend the time now to bring every character (or at least the ones you fight against the most) up to C rank on line. When you understand how a character plays by playing them you will understand how to counter them. As a makoto you are going to have a hard time against Gouken and Juri because they can stick fireballs in the air. But here are some tips to save you a little time. Wake up Ultra moves are a Bad habit to get into. I’m not saying never do a wakeup ultra, but don’t make it a habit. At the level u are at every shoto is going to mash Shoryukens all match long…so bait them. Go into training room and record the dummy doing Shoryukens and practice punishing wiffed shoryukens.

yeah shoryukens is one thing i cant handle… i have no idea how to get in when they sweep the entire screen blocking my jump-in option… unless i sit and block and then they throw me xD
anyway yeah i guess expereince is as i though would be the only way to realy figure out for myself… hmm well i was looking for tips to help tho xD playing the enemy char is probably the best way to know its weaknesses… wish i knew what i was looking for lol…
i wonder if it will help if i will play against a UI of makoto… im not playing online btw i dont have yet the original copy of the game but im dieing to purchase it soon.
thanks :slight_smile: any more ideas?
he has a tutorial that’s like five hours in total. Watch it. Learn it. Live by it.

thank you ill take a look :>

It’s not that they’re seeing through your moves, it’s just that they know what Makoto’s options are. Once you understand the important of knowing the matchup, then you know what they’re capable of. Once you know what their options are, then it’s easier to develop ways to counter those options, and to react to those options. It’s a lot easier to react to something when you have a good idea that it’s coming.

You can do the same by playing the game. No amount of online tutorials and videos are going to help you as much as playing the game. Understand the ranges where Makoto is dominant, and understand the ranges where other characters are dominant. Your goal in the game is NOT to do fancy combos, it’s to win small little battles, by keeping yourself in advantageous positions and keeping the opponent outside of theirs.

As far as being able to react to something, it comes with experience. You have to train yourself to the point where you stop thinking about how to react to something, and you get your muscle memory to instinctively do it, and this is done through practice.

There’s no magic thread for ‘how to retaliate’ because its nearly impossible to describe every situation where you can blindly retaliate, in a short paragraph. Learn it through experience. Don’t worry yourself about doing combos, it’s FAR more important that you learn how to create opportunities to do damage. After all, the majority of the time you’re playing SF, you’re not going to be doing a combo.

As far as assaults with Makoto, learn how to utilize her command grab. Don’t abuse it too often, but be threatening with it. Also make good use of her excellent and pokes, both of which you can cancel into a hayate.