Things you dont like about SSFIV

I’ve been playing it for a few days now, but some things i just don’t like compared to SFIV.

  1. The movies seems to be disappeared. Maybe i don’t look close enough, if that’s the case, it’s atleast not player-friendly compiled.

  2. Tournament mode is gone? Perhaps later obtainable through DLC, but i’m disappointed capcom did not put it into the game on default after SFIV successes on tournament mode.

  3. Player match! Where the hell is it? The only option is to do a team battle, endless match, or ranked match, but no simple good old player match.

  4. When doing a non-ranked match online, you do not see what character your opponent is selecting. Fixed matchups between online friends is hard now, you’ll have to communicate outside the game to get it done.

  5. No more smilies and/or match data, win/lose rates after a match, all forms of communication seems to be gone.

  6. Color #12. For the love of god and all that is holy… MAKE IT STOP! The worst fail of capcom imo.

  7. Trial mode. You can skip that pesky never-landing combo trial, and simply move on to the next one. Also the character cubes are already unlocked after completing 10 or so trials. All but one. A bit cheap, no more icon-showing-off, all scrubs have them.

Need a screencap of this color #12.

Anyone feel like posting complaints about the actual, you know, game?

  1. Do you mean championship mode? They took that out? So are they back to BP only…? No GP?

I don’t like players on these forums being dumb as rocks. It shouldn’t bother me but I’m not even that great of a player and the things and reasons they give make me not want to even post or help…

I also dislike that Adon is really fun but sucks more D then Olivia O’lovely

I don’t like that I don’t have it yet.

The storylines ooooommg

smilies? lmao. to each his own. as for match data just press the x button(360)

None so far, but then again, I haven’t played it yet.

Edit; Walking forward with Guy. Looks so stupid IMO.

Threads popping up like this one

Yeah sorry, championship mode. Nope, no GP.

Still the same old jab/reversal spam fest as vanilla. I’m already a bit bored with it, but it’s still kind of fun.

i will never ever take any topic on this board seriously again.

I like the whole blind pick concept for the modes. Leads to no counterpicking, you can wait at your ultra select and pick your ultra based on the char your facing. The thing I dont like is the endless battle player switching IMO its annoying. I like P2 and i wanna stay on P2 lol. My little 2 cents but I like what they did. I’m loving the battle log

Dhalsim becoming awesome when I don’t want to main him any more :frowning: Wanted to make a chaaaange.

But seriously, colour 12 is bad.

PC Version.


Select ‘Player Data’ from the top left menu options and you can see the Wins/Losses for everyone in a lobby.

Fully agreed. Looks nice, but in the heat of a match it can become distracting.

That it’s not in my hands yet.

…YES! OH GOD YES! Every time someone pulled out the “;)” smiley, I just wanted to strangle them to death.

^ Haha, me too. I’m always like, “FUCK YOU, ASSHOLE”

First of all, I love this game. BUT if I could change some stuff…

(Small and insignificant)
Courtesy hit after the round is over.
Get rid of color 12

(Really want)
Online training mode.
Offline record function.