Things you didn't think would get popular

By things I mean almost everything: movies/tv shows/games/websites/songs/musicians/artists/etc… It doesn’t matter what you pick, as long as you didn’t think that particular thing would become popular. It can be something you didn’t like/care for, or something you liked that you thought was too good to last. It doesn’t matter if that popularity faded away after a while either. As long as it got popular and you just didn’t see that coming.

For me:
-The Dave Chappelle catchphrases of 2003. When I watched both the Rick James and Lil Jon episodes for the first time, I just thought “meh.” They didn’t suck, but they weren’t the funniest (except for Rick’s “5 fingers” joke). But then, whoa. Those phrases were EVERYWHERE.

-Soulja Boy. I think we can all agree on that one, and I’ll leave it there.

-Dane Cook. I liked Dane back in the day (fuck you, some of you did too), but he wasn’t getting any big buzz that I could see before Retaliation. Yes, I was aware of Harmful if Swallowed (his first album, I think). But after H.I.S, the next time I ever even heard anything about Dane was him allegedly breaking comedy sale records with Retaliation.

-Nip/Tuck. I liked that show, and thought it had the potential to be one of the best. But it always seemed like a guilty pleasure people would write off (even though it was genuinely good the first 2 seasons). However, for a brief time, it picked up a shit ton of popularity as people were buzzing in season 3 about who the Carver could be.

-Nikki Minaj. The first time I heard her was on Lil’ Wayne’s “Da Drought 3” mixtape. I deleted that track off my MP3 player with the quickness. Now, I pretty much feel the same way about her (especially with those voices), but her album just went platinum.

-The most obvious example: Twilight. I had no clue what it was until the first movie came out. Ugh.

-The second most obvious (for me): Eminem. Another white boy trying to rap? Eh, he’s decent, but he’ll blow over. That was me in 1999, when Em first came out. Now it’s 2010, and Em is still one of the best in rap and album sales.

Cell phones, texting, silly bands, whip my hair song, xbox, wide screen TV’s

This was all years ago when they were becoming new, I didnt think alot of this stuff would catch on.


Silly bands and those boobie bracelets.

-iphone, ipod, and apple.

i think microsoft vista is responsible for the switch from pc to mac.

-mp3 and the digital online music industry

what started off with napster and people downloading music for free turned legit.


I remember a friend of mine who got an account years before it really took off and tried to get me to follow it and I thought it was pretty stupid and just completely forgot about the site. Shit sure did take off. It’s one of the few sites on the internet that constantly throws its content at me without me actually visiting the site with its plugins for facebook or personal sites. It’s really obnoxious. Don’t people feel stupid to plug their twitter into their facebook, and then post the same thing on facebook and twitter so it shows up on your friends facebook feed twice? I can’t stand it.

Facebook. I was like why!? Isn’t it the same thing as Myspace!?!?!?

edit: oops alrady posted.

back in the early 90’s to mid 90’s i used to hope rap wouldntget popular. i had nightmares that one time in the future wed be getting no content bs pop rap and that it would become popular. mid 90’s the shit started to change. i guess we dont have to talk about how the gayest shit in the world turned out now.

im talking about in the netherlabds btw, dont know your (other countries) areas.

If your Asian and/or into Asian music: K-Pop
It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like SNSD or Wonder Girls, etc. I never imagined it would become so popular in the states. I have a lot of close friends that are Korean, so I’ve heard Korean music before it blew up. But damn, since this new wave, now everyone listens to Gee.

Some days I’m sad to be a fan. I’m not really a nuthugger, but it’s a little sad when kids these days have no idea what PrideFC was/is (my sister’s boyfriend). People need to see Wanderlei/Gomi/CroCop/etc before they got to the UFC. It’s also sad when people don’t know about any of the great old fights that happened in the UFC, when that’s the organization they worship. A. Silva when he first came in and smashed Leben, Frank and Tito, Chuck and Randy. Sure its a new sport, but not knowing about Randy or Fedor even Shamrock is like not knowing Steve Young or Wayne Gretzky

Street Fighter 4 (not trying to troll)
to “casual”/casual gamers… a lot of my friends who arnt into fighting games at least own this.

Jersey Shore- thought it would be a Real World for stereotypical retards…oh wait!

Kim Kardashian’s Ass- I mean Hollywood hates ass, right?

Mahvel Baybee!

House- I thought the show was going to be canceled regardless of how phenomenal it was, like all Fox shows. I’m glad it stuck around.

Bones- See House.

Arcana Heart.

(In America)

As I see it.

Blue Rays.

It looked like another dumb BS “concept” that really didn’t improve on anything besides stealing your money.

But what do you know, years later, I can see the diffrence… and it makes sense.

The Kinect - I thought everyone was too tired of buying another expensive gimmick and that the gullible consumers who bought the Wii would be like “I have this already”. Then it sold really well.

The word popular here is in question, but I respect that I guess.

xb360, besides the system having free games that u can dl @ burn from your pc, didnt expect it to do any good. especially with all the shit that’s plagued it (system breakdowns, controller battery empty after 1 day even if u dont play, pay for online etc). i could go on, but besides free games i dont see much of a reason to innvest in something that breaks soo damn fast and has such shitty accessories. imo ofcourse.

Lil’ Wayne - Me and a friend were talking about him the other day saying "Who would’ve figured he’d be the last man standing out of Cash Money…"
Makes sense I guess since he was the youngest, but whatev’…

Blu-Ray - Who would’ve thunk. I figured DVD’s functionality was all you needed 'till holograms hit.

Xbox 360 - I liked Live on the the original shoutouts to CvS2,PGR2, SF2:AE and 3rdStrike(GGXX#R sorta, lol) but I felt it was coming to soon. With all the problems that shit had, I was like"… well, that’s it for MS."

I heart Bill Gates and his $ to get shit done (VF5 Online, VO:OT, Ikaruga, Radiant Silvergun etc.) and the stupid people who bought umpteenth 360’s to get the only games I cared about.

3D. I don’t know if 3D is suppose to look more “real” or not, but I thought that’s what HD/Blu-rays and shit were all for… You know, to look so clear that it’s almost real.

So WTF is 3D?! It looks “fake” to me.

If Gee is still hot shit to you its time to catch up with the times.

A~ing ?

Web browser based games - Number of people playing Farmville just leaves me speechless. I guess I’m old fashioned and prefer disks, cartidges and waiting 15minutes for a game to install.

Completely a agree with you, almost everyone I know is on Twitter and I get quizzed why I am not.

Cigarettes, even though one side of the packet has a photo of someone’s bloody tumour and probably dead by now, people still buy those things.

Soulja Boy - Yep completely agree, everytime I hear his version of Swag On I want to club a baby seal.

Vampires - nuff said

…Dude…Gee is always hot shit
Well I just meant I think it started somewhere around when Gee first came out. Maybe the Wonder Girls with “Nobody”… Idk but somewhere around those songs KPop really blew up here in the states. Too bad they had to tour with T-Pain.

WUTeva with your new songs… all I need is 2NE1, some Big Mama, and “Magic Castle” by DBSK on replay

Poker, I didn’t expect it to be popular for this long. I kept hoping it’ll die off so our sports channels can stop showing Friday Night Poker or w/e and lessen my chances of getting to watch an NBA game. (which is already pretty low here in Canada, fuck you NHL)

Online shopping, when it was first introduced everyone was scared buying stuff on the net thinking their credit card will easily be stolen. Now everyone has shopped at Amazon at least once probably.

Katy Perry, didn’t think she would get so popular just because she kissed a girl and liked it.

Dude, Orange Caramel is sooooo last year.