Things i should know by now

couple things i need help with:

My team is zero, dante and hsien ko w armor pendulam assist. looking for any tips or cool things they can do together

also, how can i use dantes hammer move effectively? i cant really combo into it. can anyone give me some examples of how i can extend combos with it? All i know with dante in the air is l m h, dive kick, s, m h into falling fire circle thing into hyper.

and how can i do the dhc glitch with him? specifically with zero and ko, but with anyone is good info.

Look at the combo thread and the other threads, all that info is in there.

out of curiosity, does anyone know what weapon dante is using when he does fireworks? at first i thought it was nunchucks that shot out bullets. i was like wtf???

His Shotgun

DHC glitch with either

a) Comboing into grapple hook (QCF + H x 2)
b) Doing QCB + anything into Crazy Dance (S follow up to QCB moves). After crazy dance is over dhc into devil trigger. The timing is tight.

You can end any DHC glitch with devil trigger.