Things about SF4 you probably didn't know

So I decided to make a thread that has somewhat useless information about SF4 that I’ve come across while rifling through character files, some of them could lead to new tech some could simply be worthless. EIther way as I come across things that I think people may not know, or just when I have time to update this thread I’ll post stuff in here, at some point I I’ll go through it and put it in some sort of order but for now it’ll just be free form posting as I find it or as I remember it.<br><br><ul><li>Seth’s Tanden EX Tanden engine gives the opponent 1 meter on hit or block (technically all of his Tandens give both him and his opponent 1 meter when they hit except for EX gives Seth no meter)</li></ul><ul><li>All of the characters introduced in Vanilla as do the AE characters use their early code names for game files. C. Viper = AGL (Agile?), Abel = JHA, El Fuerte = RIC, Rufus = CHB (Chubby?), Oni = GKX (Gouki X), Ryu = RYX (Ryu X), Seth = BOS (Boss)</li></ul><ul><li>Dan has 2 unused moves, one is called Danretsu (Violent Dan) and appears to be similar to a hundred hand slap type looking move and the other is his more well known unused command throw Zanshin. However given the name of the move his “Command throw” that Error001 discovered MAY have actually been a counter or even a throw counter!  </li><li>Cody had an unfinished version of EX Ruffian kick that was a 3hit attack that caused the opponent to be launched upwards, likely there was originally intention to have 3 different variations of EX Ruffian one for each version of the move but it was scrapped.</li><li>Cody’s Zonk knuckle was originally called “Zero Counter” and even had an alpha counter style input motion. Sadly it was scrapped in favor of the far less interesting / weaker current version.</li><li>Cody’s far heavy punch and close heavy punch were originally swapped animation wise. <br></li><li>Vega’s Remove Claw is hilariously called “Remove Craw” apparently even while typing the japanese have accents. Also craw is part of the anatomical structure of a bird and there is the common idiom of “having something stuck in your craw” so Remove Craw could be considered removing your lower jaw.</li><li>Rose is unable to reflect Cody’s badstone.</li><li>Ryu’s Hadoken is spelled 3 different ways within his own file. “Hadoken” “Hadolen” and “Hadouken”</li><li>Ryu’s EX Hadoken is actually called “Fire Hadoken” within his files. Possibly at some point during development Capcom was considering giving Ryu his world warrior style fire hadoken in addition to an EX Hadoken but scrapped it.</li><li>Attacks that cause a “Blow_HH / Blow_HM / Blow_HL” animation to be run such as Ryu’s Shoryuken also cause a unique facial animation called “FCE_DMG_VOMIT”<br></li></ul>

I’m more a fan of stuff that affects gameplay:<br>Most characters lose distance when focus dashing compared to regular dashing.  The notable exception is Sagat (there may be more - I haven’t looked at all chars).  This is actually quite important during footsies.  Ever wondered why your Ryu sometimes whiffed after a forward dash?  You probably used a focus dash instead of regular dash.<br>You can input a tech throw command even when you’re not in a neutral standing or crouching stance eg. while blocking or coming out of a dash and even though you won’t see the input reflected in terms of animation, it still has the ability to tech throws.<br>Frame perfect x-up meaties sometimes whiff in training mode.  Not sure if this applies to actual matches and or other stages as well (wouldn’t be surprised), and I’m not sure if it’s hit-box or timing issue.<br>If you press a button or do a special move (can’t remember which) as you are getting crossed-under, there’s a chance that your buttons will be disabled until you get hit or perform a special move.<br>Some characters can cancel part of their dash frames by performing a move<br>There are some moves that actually cause more impact freeze on block than on hit.  eg. Ryu close<br>During the startup of Viper’s super jump, there’s a small window of frames where button inputs aren’t registered.<br>The diner stage in Arcade vanilla is (or at least appears to be) considerably longer than the console versions (also, this stage was known to lag even in the original arcade version)<br>Sometimes Counter Hits occur, but the message does not appear (eg. on Guile’s SB)<br>There are glitches (they may have been fixed) that give errant counter hit messages (and perhaps properties) on regular trades between normals.  eg. Sagat’s far used to sometimes trade with CH message<br><br><br>Other stuff:<br>It’s impossible to fight certain characters in Arcade mode unless it’s a rival battle (eg. Vega)<br>Certain arcade characters simply do not use some moves (eg. Vanilla Blanka)<br>Viper has an unused Thunder Knuckle animation that looks weird.<br>Guile had the remove shades command in Vanilla already but it just was never implemented.  Same with Gouekn’s charged Denjin.<br>

Certain cross-up set ups will function differently depending on which corner your opponent is in (can cross-up/can’t cross-up/blockable both ways/unblockable in one corner and not the other.)<br>Some attacks, after finishing, move your character forward/backward so little that it’s almost impossible to see.<br>In addition to that, some attacks will do this only if they’re interrupted before the visual animation fishes (ie Seth’s far standing light kick.)<br>Some characters with chainable jabs/shorts can chain into normals that can not be chained otherwise (ie … Seth’s far standing light kick again.)<br>Moves do not require a cross-up flag to be able to cross-up (though it’s a hell of a lot easier if they have it.)<br>Seth is the only character capable of doing consecutive wall jumps without touching the ground (and can actually do this indefinitely if your opponent decides he can’t swap you out of the air.)<br>Seth’s dive kick restriction is lower when it’s cancelled from a head stomp, but it does actually have one still.<br>Seth can fireball trap anyone who tries to jump over his Sonic Boom with his Super…if they don’t land on the projectile.<br>Every character has one of Dhalsim’s animations for some reason (iirc it’s his crouching block.)<br><a href=“”>these things</a><br>Some cross-ups will whiff against the computer in training mode but won’t when you use the recording function to block (possibly related to what illitirit was talking about) <br>Viper had bigger boobs in the alpha builds (this is obviously important)<br><a href=“”>speaking of boobs</a><br>There are two more training menu configurations that are basically the same as the one we have, but one has stun disabled (can’t change from none) and the other is glitched out.<br>Some training options are not available but can be enabled with very tiny changes (player data for P1, P2, or P1 and P2, slow-mo function seen in Replay Mode, input display for P1, P2, or P1 and P2.)<br>You can option select some character’s command throws with normal throws (never seen this used effectively though someone posted a proof of concept with Seth back in the day.)<br>The vacuum effect of Seth’s Super breaks (glitches) against Claw’s flip and won’t suck him in after he finishes it.<br>The first part of Seth’s DP will hit twice against armored attacks and characters that are blocking, but it won’t hit twice on hit and/or if they’re hit from very far away (during later active frames.)<br>The final hit of Seth’s EX DP will never hit against some characters (in normal scenarios) and must be timed against most.<br>Seth can’t combo into EX Tanden Engine off cr.HP against a cornered opponent that is started in the corner, but he can with EX DP and a slight pause (cr.HP launches them too high I guess.)<br>Seth’s Ultra 1 used to have a glitch where the move would do 0 damage during the rapid-fire portion after cr.HP if you didn’t insert a considerable delay in the link (this was a “buff” in 2012.)<br>Seth’s Ultra 2 drops every character out of it a very long time before finishing when used in “fancy” combos (ie j.MP, j.MP, LP DP, U2)<br>Yang has EX attacks during Sei’ei Enbu which can only be used if you have meter set to unlimited in training mode.<br>The cancel window for Yang’s EX Slashes is insanely small for some reason.<br>Oni has unused EX Air dashes (as well as a normal downward one iirc.)<br>Face down knockdowns last a different period than face up knock downs do, and the hit boxes are usually different<br>It is impossible to hit Seth from behind for a portion of his Super even though he has no invincibility frames during this period and has a hurt box. You cannot be hurt by the Super unless your character is considered in front of Seth as well.<br>(I think) Gouki’s theme is still broken outside of computer arcade matches.<br><a href=“”>TELEPORTS</a> (also you can see how some moves apparently didn’t have the speed multipliers they were given for suuuuuuuuuuuuper slow attacks)<br>

How come Honda sometimes gets invisible when cornered in SF4 Vanilla?<br>It’s not the first time I have seen this, but I don’t have any footage because there is no replay channel.<br><br>

In SSFIV Rose could walk into Blanka’s slide <a href=“”>without being hit</a><br><br>In a previous version, some costumes actually had an effect on the character’s hitbox.  This would sometimes prevent combos from working.<br><br>In Vanilla, Ken’s EX DP could juggle infinitely (only possible in Training Mode)<br><br>Evil Ryu can cancel a chained<br><br>Forward and Backward jump distances are not the same<br><br>In an early version, every character could perform a short jump (Up, Up Forward).  They removed it but left it in for Zangief<br><br>Adon’s Super is <a href=“”>glitched</a><br><br>Guile moves slightly when he turns to face the other direction, eg. after a x-up.  That’s why it’s just about impossible for him to perform an auto-correct flash kick.  It either goes “under” the opponent, or it goes the wrong way.<br><br>In a location test version of Vanilla, Vega was quite good because of his Ultra.  It could track the opponent<br><br>Yun can combo after his trades<br><br>Certain combos will do different damage on different characters because of how damage scaling works<br><br>Two of the Blanka changes that the devs seem to have toyed with pre-AE2012 were a 3f (lol), and a 5f sweep (he would have been tied with Ryu for fastest sweep)<br><br>One of the reasons Gen’s jumping arc was changed from Vanilla to Super was because he wasn’t able to jump over T.Hawk<br><br>T.Hawk and Dee Jay were supposed to be included in the original console version (you can find references to them in the original files) but the dev team did not have enough time.  The plan was to make all the characters from ST playable.<br><br>Guy originally had a bug that allowed him to be grabbed during crouching hit-stun<br>

In addition to jump distances having variation as mentioned, some characters land faster/slower depending which way they jump (Seth lands a frame faster jumping forward than he does doing a neutral jump)<br>Some attacks would drop your character faster depending if you held down or not after performing them (as far as I know, no character has this trait after Vanilla)<br>You can stun the opponent after K.O. appears on the screen (may have been fixed after Vanilla)<br>While “courtesy hits” are no longer possible normally, you can still squeeze them in if you cancel your last move into an additional attack before the game registers a K.O.<br><a href=“”>Seth’s Hyakuretsukyaku used to glitch out when trading and his Super had some more oddities</a><br>Seth and Rufus had faster dive kicks in Vanilla (Seth’s also had a lower height restriction and a better hit box until Super, and better hit/block stun until AE)<br><a href=“”>Gouken and Seth were mostly completed on Vanilla Arcade</a> (move set wise anyway - balance and user elements outside of defaults were pretty much non-existent)<br>The <a href=“”>suit costume</a> Seth was originally planned to have was dumped because mapping the costume properly to his stretchy limbs proved too challenging (they went with the pants instead)<br>I am having trouble finding the video of the alpha build I want, so <a href=“”>here’s a video of it instead</a><br><br>

Adon in the original trailer could cancel forward-jumping MK to air Jaguar.