Things a newb should know

hello im new and i am really just getting into fighting games!!! so can i have information guides and other games i should play besides ssf4 guides on how to play and what chars to use lol since i like blanka .abel.adon…ken etc but any info is needed!

Top of the forum, there’s a bunch of stickied threads. Should probably go through the tutorial vids, and execution guides.

If you want info on specific characters, just thumb through the forums until you see the character sub-forums, where you’ll find all the information you need.

1)learn to block. learn how to deal with pressure in the corner, what to do on wake up, learning when to block high and when to block low. best thing to learn is patience and keeping your eyes firmly focused on your opponent’s character and never on your own. if you focus your eyes on your character to see if you’re execution is being followed through and correct during your matches, you’ll never be able to react in time to high,low, high pressure. like for example getting attacked low, to be immediatedly followed by a sneaky overhead…you’ll never react quickly enough if your eyes are focused on your character instead of the movements of your opponent’s character.
2)practicing basic bnb combos in training mode for countless hours.
3)avoid playing the cpu as much as possible. play with people both offline & online as much as possible. the cpu only teaches you bad habits that you’ll end up trying to forget and rid yourself of.
4)learn proper spacing, zoning, and footsies for your specific character.
5)watch vids of expert players…back to more training in training mode.
6)learn, ask, discuss strategies with other players of the games/characters you use & play.
7)enjoy yourself. don’t make your play into work. have fun & relax.
8)record your matches with other people and watch your matches objectively. upload em if you can and ask others what they think of your strategies.

Block. Please, before anything else, before any fancy combos, any cool set ups, any rush down material, please learn that some times the best thing to do in a situation is to just hold down back for a second and scope out the situation.

The best thing to do is to learn how to lose. And you should always be willing to learn from losing? You should analyze everything like how did you take most of your damage during the match? When did your opponent attack you? When did you hit him? Where did you score most of your damage? If you can figure out these things, then you can eventually figure out what you need to work on. Also you want to recongize what moves did your opponent throw out which gave you the most problem, and see if your character has an answer to them. That way you can start to formulate a gameplan, research information, and practice things you should be reacting to.

The worst things newbs do is get really upset when they lose, and they lose focus of the matchup. You don’t want to do this, because getting better is going to be a long road. If I were new, the first thing I would do is make 2 man lobbies, and invite someone or have a random join. Then I would play some sets and save the replays. Especially frustrating matches.

Also uploading videos to your youtube account helps a lot too. But make sure you post matches of yourself losing. Some people only publish vids of themselves winning, but people can help more when they see you at your worse.

I came into the thread to say this.

But after learning to block and tech throws, anti-airing and punish combos are also very important. In order to get someone to stop doing something (or to win when they do it), you need to make it unprofitable for them to do it. So if you want them to stop jumping, you need to anti-air consistently. If you want them to stop mashing DP, you need to hurt them when you block one.

Read the stickies bud.

Wow, you guys really have some amazing tips. I’m somewhat new to fighting games, I had SSFIV and tried really hard to master it but failed miserably, I ended up selling the game in about a month for MvC3. I figure I should try my hand at that fighter, but ended up sucking badly…and of course I traded that one in. I’m now about to get SF x Tekken and I’m really excited for this game, I really want to master this game and become better at fighting games (I’ve even preordered the strategy guide, and I just recently purchased the Street Fighter x Tekken Fightstick…it’ll be my first stick.). I definately appreciate the needed tips and will absolutely practice what you guys have suggested. Thanks.

You need to learn a Very Valuable Character trait that all men need to learn. Perseverance. You will NOT become a Fighting Game God in one Month. You sound like you start things well, but you don’t finish them well, because you give up and look for something new hoping to start over.

If SF X T is going to be your game and you just spent 200+ getting it. You need to stick with it. You need to learn how to suck for a while and be happy with small victories. I dont mean winning online matches. I mean losing 50x then executing a combo on an opponant that you have been practicing in training for the first time. Focus on the Small Victories and be proud of them. You will get better. But only if you persevere. Otherwise, your stick, and SF X T will be in a used bin at Gamestop in one months time.

Oh I hear you. I realize that these top players didn’t get to where they are over night, they worked there ass off, and I need to do the same, and not be so quick to drop something when its getting to hard or stressful. I know this may sound like a silly goal to some but I really wanna get better at fighting games, I wanna enter tournaments, I just wanna get far. A little perserverance would do me some justice. I appreciate your comment, I’ll put in the effort and hard work and value the little things that I accomplish, the big feats will come with time. And I can’t afford to give up on what I’ve started after I spent all that Money for this one game lol.