Thin/Slim Sticks

How many slim sticks are there?

To my knowledge, I think the Hori EX2/FS3/Wii Stick are the slimmest. Is there anything slimmer?

Namco stick?

I can’t think of anything thinner than the Hori EX2’s for the 360 / PS3 / Wii and the Namco arcade sticks unless you created one slimmer yourself by hand.

I’ve seen a guy with a thinner stick at a tournament I went to. It was obviously hand-made too.

Agetech is pretty slim imo

Steve trens sticks look pretty slim too. Agetec and EX2 are definitely slim.

I’ve never seen the Agetech stick in real-life but by the look of the images I’ve found, it almost looks as big as the Mad Catz Standard Edition stick. It may be the smallest stick for Dreamcast though.

Ah, I totally forgot about the Namco stick.

And yeah, I do plan on making a slim stick. Trying to see how slim a stick can get without compromising quality.

That’s cool. I’ve always wanted to make my own custom stick that’s slimmer than the Hori EX2 at least. I know a lot of people are into huge sticks like the Mad Catz Tournament Edition stick but me, I’m more comfortable with the smaller sticks.

So whenever you’re done makin’ that slim stick of yours, you should post up the pics 'cause I wanna see how slim you could make it. Slim Shady, yo.

The Namco stick is the slimmest, but it uses a custom joystick that has a small body.
If you want the slimmest custom with a JLF, you need to have an interior space of 1 3/4 inches(not the entire height of stick body but measurement of the empty interior space). You will also most likeley need to drill a hole under the bottom of the where the shaft hits since it will touch past the bottom 1mm. The hole is nice, it gives access the flat head screw slot at the end of the shaft to tighten the ball top.

I think Domz made the slimmest possible stick ever.

slim sticks are a nightmare to accomplish, you will have to measure everything down to the last mm…

best way would be for you to use a metal panel for the joystick and buttons

I always felt that the Virtua Stick High Grade is pretty slim as well.

If you’re mounting a Jlf, 1 3/4 inches is the lowest clearance that you can go. I love low profile sticks.
Btw, where is Domz? I love the style on that user’s stick.

Yeah, I plan on using a shorter shaft found in most Hori stock sticks.

I don’t plan on starting very soon but I’m always kinda thinking about it.

sneak peak! I will be making a slim stick for my version 2! =p

Actually, I made a stick that is 1.5" thick. I will have to go home and measure, but I believe I used 1.5" tall wood.

However, I did cheat and I routed the area on the bottom plate where the JLF actuator sits…so that I could fit it.

1.75" is the lowest you could go without routing the bottom plate.

I will try to
take some photos tonight…

  • Khanh

Domz awesome thin stick…he has a worklog thread, but a can’t find it.

Wow, that’s really nice.

That’s pretty much what I had in mind but maybe angled.

yes. That is the one. :d