They should really broadcast Evo on G4tv

IMO for people whos too young and poor to actually go!

I’d like to think they could get a better channel than G4.

what channel is that?


BET? lol wtf?

marvel :open_mouth:

Any channel, really.

try web cast.

or better yet, if they can put Poker or Cheerleading on ESPN, why not Evo?

g4 would cut away to commercials in the middle of matches

G4 would only put it on there if there was a cute host, otherwise Evo doesn’t have the sex appeal to even be allowed to air on G4.

pay some dumb bimbo 50 bucks a day to stand around in a bikini and say random shit in between matches and gg

Or just get Ricky Ortiz to dress sexy.

Why not find one of the attractive girls of the FG community, make sure they know somewhat what they are talking about (I know a few candidates)- and pay them to dress in a bikini and commentate. Hell, we can always pimp out Xanoz if we have to… :slight_smile:

i agree on BET

I’m all for BET. They can use all the good publicity they can get.

Who has some connections at BET?

G4 is great and all, but I don’t think they get it. I’m a sports fan and watch ESPN all the time, I’m as much a fan of gaming, but I don’t even know if i have G4 in my cable subscription or not. Once they figure that out, they will be a great network.


this would have like 10 people out of every 100000 watching this, so doesn’t matter what we want.

look at even the most ‘dramatic’ outtake from evo before, the chunli/ken daigo parry ding-a-ling thing… and even with that, it STILL doesn’t make sense to the average person.

that right there is why evo isn’t on espn or even public programming channels.


Evo 08 matches coming soon to BET Uncut.

Late night music videos with your favorite Evo players.

I think it could generate some interest if it got shown on some TV. Even though most of the gaming community these days are lazy fucks… Extra interest could never hurt! Some people may have to answer some more basic questions but that aside… The more the merrier!