They Scared To Come To Tha Pier And Play Me, Cuz Imma Run That Money

Erabody Seem To Back Down When It Comes To Playin Me At Tha Pier I Juz Moved Here Bout Two Monthz Ago And It Seemz As Tho I Am Tha Hottest Thang To Play Mvc2 Out Here, Who Wanna Come Down Here And Get Thumped On For Money ???

Forget Thiz Who Wanna Get Ran 2morrow Fuck That, 2morrow At 6pm Who Wanna Get Ran On Mvc2.

Shit I Caint Win If Nobody Will Play Me

Stfu ain’t no one scared to play you at the pier…

Then come down here 2morrow then sense you so brave, if not then breath threw ya nose so you can keep ya mouth shut.


How much you want to lose?!

KRYPTON !!!, why did you juz delete that post you juz put, put it back you sed i wouldnt win ONE TIME, then put sum money on that !!!, put sum money on that !!! thaz what I thought.

okay back on subject peepz who wantz to play me at tha pier dayum.

You’re not gonna beat me. :pleased:

ferst to 10 for 20 ???, if not i can talk it down cuz im real negotiable i wont hurt you to tha point that you wont have gas money to make it back.

you wont win, cuz i juz refuse to be beatin by you plain n simple.

now are you gone come or not.

if not Like Craig Marduk would say “DONT WASTE MY TIME !!!”

First to 10 for 100 play me at ucla… I could go to the pier i suppose, but first to ten has to be for more money

The Pier’s machines are garbage!

We’ll go to Ucla though. =)

Thaz whut I thought, get on sumwhere !!!

6pm Beatinz

I juz moved here, the only place i know of iz tha pier at thiz time, well be there at 6pm today cuz i’ll be there. like i sed first to 10 for 20 i dont bet my 100’z unless im actually fightin, thaz like me sayin first to 10 for a million, i know that trick playa, but anyway to make a long story short I…WILL…NOT…LOSE !!!

Begin translator…

…translator end

if you won’t lose then bet $100…free money for you right? :confused:

Split the cake with me, that matchup just isnt fair.

Don’t play him guys, he’ll shoot you if he loses. Cuz he’s a gangsta.

I’ll play you for money at UMK3 and SFA2 at the pier. There’s nothing else there worth it!


All bark but no bite up in here, nobody showed up juz as I expected, they scared cuz they know imma destroy em, who everelse come in here talkin greasy mineswell be women enuff play me. Shit im tha champ thaz why I dont go outta my way to play sum weakass bumz

Dannylilithborn - Thnx for letting me know whut all white guyz think about playin a brotha.

Chaosnightwolf - you in NY shut up, you safe you aint gotta worry about playin me sucka

Soul G - why aint you come itz funny how yall bumz are postin afta SAT iz up.

Pimp Willy - thx man, you might get laid for tha ferst time in ya life typin like that.

DreamTR - Tha lastime I played those my feet dangled from tha stool.

duc jr translate please.