"THERE IT IS, THE FIRST HIT!" SF4 Arcade Infinity -- RanBat 2.1 -- 3/22 RESULTS

This is socal SF4 baby

64 entrants on a single cab

started at 2pm SHARP, ended at 130am

First off id like to say how AMAZED at the numbers we managed to pull. HUGE props to EVERYONE who stayed till the end and made some noise.

If you’re new, i hope you enjoyed everything we had to offer.


1 MIKE ROSS (Honda)
2 RON (Boxer)
3 KENO (Boxer)
4 BOBINO (Rufus)
5 KRYOJENIX (C. Viper)
5 SLINKUN (Guile)
7 IRONFIST (Sagat)
7 VISCANT (Blanka)

For full results, points and highlights click here

Good Shit to Mike Fuckin Ross!

Good Shit to Ron! <3

Good Shit KENO!


GS everyone,
Ivan u didnt disappoint me. i will buy ARIZONA GREEN FUCKING TEA next time i see you.

please name next AI ranbat to “we throw scrub tournies” or something to that extent please.

also gooood shit mike.

Keno: I’ll get you one of these days
Ron: Hurray for rushdown boxer. You’re the best!
Slinkun: Mad respect for the patient and smart Guile. Once again, I’m so sorry.
Jack: Thanks for the deal. That was a crazy ass match!
Black Pyro aka Baby Killer: Your execution is terrifying to face as always.
Jay: I graciously accept. Good shit for keepin on truckin.
Luka: Thanks for keeping me hyped
Sanchez: Thanks for the wisdom
Shoo: Thanks for organizing
Usual suspects: Good seeing everyone

Most timely and HYPE tournament EVER!!!

Black Pyro getting boo’d…

Baby Killer is born.

thats the most hypest its been
good shit to everyone
mad hype matches
good shit rickstah
beat my ass with that sick dhalsim two straight tournys
good shit mike ross
no sour skittles consumed in your horizons anytime soon
good games viscant
extra shout out to the visitor slinkun
that nigga is the real world warrior
phew im beat
san diego is one hell of a scenic route


GG bros. Really fun tournament. Sanchez Smash FTW.

Good times and good games to those I played at this scrub tourney, still mad I had to leave but great way to start season 2.

Keno, you’re too crazy still, Ryu just isn’t cutting it…
Sanchez’s hype is epic
Kryo, crazy Viper is crazy
Ron, thanks for the advice, sorry I couldn’t really use it ;_;
Counter girl for letting me do my homework on the counter

Damn, wish I could have stayed… I woulda won this shit. lol

Michael Artimus Ross, God is pleased. Good work.

Sorry to Jeremy? for slapping you in the face after our match. I don’t usually control the hype, the hype controls me.

Which reminds me, Scott, Shoo said you recorded that match. Any truth behind this?

p.s. Who did I end up giving a bye to?

sf4 is terrible because mike ross is good at it

what a dumbass game

good shit mike!!!

:sad: I STILL feel soooo guilty/depressed. Ruined my night. :sad: Once he landed that ultra, I was scared SHITLESS to go to 3rd round and get one landed again. I guess I have to get use to the new name and rep now. =/

Kyrojenix, that Viper is too nice. Execution on the wake-up game is too solid. Good games and great job.
GG to the Dhalsim player.
AND GG to the boy that played Ken. :tup:

Good games to everyone in 3rd strike and great tournament.

First Match Vs Viscant I Got Totally Annihilated! :sweat:

I Just wasn’t in the Zone! :arazz: Bah, It Happens, good shit tho’

Anyway Awesome ranbat Mad Hype, and the place was packed.

shout outs to everyone and looking forward to the vids.

First Ranbat for me and boy it was too hype!!! (Despite lasting that long) I at least won one match and didn’t go 2 and out, which was my goal for the day. Anyway shotouts…

Thanks to Sanchez and Shoo for hosting the tourney and doing the new entrant introductions.

Gootecks, It was nice to finally meet and chat with you.
Bebop, GG even though I didn’t know what to do against your Vega.
Moval, GG (That was a fun and close match!)
Private Link is the future!!!
Luka, finally I get to see the hype in person. LOL at first hit bets!!
Sanchez for Hulk Smashing the 1P machine popping out the strong punch button = :rofl:
Dhalsim represented too (Good shit to those who played him especially Rickstah!!)
Slinkun, Good shit with Guile… As Sanchez would say, America!!!
Mike Ross, don’t worry about perfecting me in Marvel, its all good. Nice to finally meet you too. Good shit for winning the tourney
Keno, it was a pleasure to meet you too. Your Balrog is too clutch!!
Kyrojenix for repping Viper to the fullest making top 5!!

I hope I can make it for the next Ranbat.


Best Honda tricks!

Everyone has gotten a lot better.
Good shit to that random homo playing ryu and getting 9th
Of course the only match if me recorded is the one where I get owned
Black pyro is a bully how can you beat up on a kid like that
Ivan is a taunting douchebag
Sanchez going wesker status and sending the strong button across the room was good shit

Thanks & GG’s!! You guys were awesome! I learned a lot.

What was that kid’s name again? Sebastian? That kid is The Next Ed Ma!

Oh, and I didn’t know how much you guys recorded; next time I’ll just record everything up until final 8.