There is NO ONE on MvC origins... : 0

Now there’s quite a few reasons why this is true…

but f*ck those reasons. Anyone in the FGC down to play in casuals in MvC with me on XBL?


i just bought it and i’d like to do something on it.

Here’s something you could do…get GGPO.

I don’t have the rom to check the mvc room in ggpo, but I’m sure there’s a lot of people in there to play with. I’m not talking about noobs either, but actual competition.

never fucked with GGPO before. is it pretty easy to set up? thankfully my fightstick is compatible on pc too. aint even working right now. smh

Please enjoy the existing MvC:O thread:

If you’re worried about matchmaking on a particular platform, you might want to make a thread in the XBLA or PS3 forums. =]