There are actually clans in this game?

I was asked if I wanted to join a clan in HDR yesterday after someone beat my Dictator. I have played this game ever since it came out and I have NEVER even known for any of these ‘clans’ to exist. How is it possible that clans can even exist when the game is a 1v1 fighting game? Its insane!

what was the name of the clan?

Apparantly it was called ‘team wit’ or something.

Whc? “With honor crew”?

-trolls suck-

I don’t know what you mean, but I’m not trying to troll if thats what you’re saying.

No I mean there are two clans so to speak. Nhc and whc. Dunno about others.

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there are other clans also. Team wit is probably one of the newest and more than likely largest clans in hd remix(i think there are over 15 members). alot of really good players

The best clan currently is the** DYNAMIC DUO**, it features myself and ExposedD. :slight_smile:

lol nice

I am dynamic, so I can confirm that these guys are a duo. This is legit.

Our first order of business: We challenge DNGR S and his right-hand to a 2v2 match. Ohhhhhhh, its on! :slight_smile:

It wouldn’t be a fair match. I wouldn’t last 2 mins against both of your ambiguous attacks. You two are masters of the ambiguous moves. I’ll just bow out right now and save everyone time.




The level of your internets is uncanny to say the least. You may have achieved a level man to internets unison that has yet to be previously seen.

i just really like that game

everyone does !

I hear ya. I can’t believe I blew $20 on this when it came out on XBL ('dem achievements) when I already beat the shit out of the NGC and PS2 versions. Not the Wii one though. I’m apparently the only RE4 fan that hates wiggle waggle controls.

i just realized that he says “you’re right hand…”

i don’t like this game anymore.

*lol wiggle waggle controls is about right. the only game that i’ve played that managed to use the motion controls decently was twilight princess. i haven’t played many wii games, though.