Them vs. Us: Beta 4/25/2009 RESULTS

A surprising 111 people showed up yesterday from at least 5 different states to compete in or spectate TvU 2. 8 Games were played over the span of 13 hours and ending in the early morning and here’s the breakdown:


Sadly, the brackets for this were lost to me, but I believe it was

1st: "SH_"
2nd: "Macarthur Blunts"
3rd: “Zinac”


1st: "Ghaleon"
2nd: "VDO"
3rd: “Nunez”


1st: "YK"
2nd: "Ghaleon"
3rd: "“Action Hank”


This was a very interesting final, in that the THREE finalists all won their own 16 man pod and decided to best of 5 RR it. It was fierce and Hollow will probably give me a link and I will post it here for all to enjoy.

1st: "Alucard"
2nd: Gary from Indiana
3rd: “Vega/Immortal”


1st: "Vega/Immortal"
2nd: "Kajoq"
3rd: “Nomrah”

SSBB, Singles:

1st: "D.J. Martin"
2nd: "Sai90"
3rd: Moses

SSBB, Doubles:

1st: DJ/Sam
2nd: Cody/Mike
3rd: Amanda/Lee

SC4 and TDR were run by Sluch and I’m sure he’ll post them when he gets the chance.

I personally want to thank everyone who made the drive, dealt with the cramped areas, the moving of cars and the eventual heat. I especially would like to thank those who helped me run the brackets and just made things run “smoothly”. I now know that waiting for people for SF4 is generally a bad idea. Anyway, sorry to those that had to leave because of the wait, but lesson learned. So, I hope that you all made some money, a few new faces or at very least enjoyed yourself.


1st: "YK"
2nd: "Ghaleon"
3rd: "“Action Hank”


YK??? info. wgat hapend chris?

Nomrah was 3rd for HDR.

Thanks to Illuminaudi’s for having us out again and thanks Josh Q for hosting/babysitting again.

That was my generic shoutout. Probably more in detail later. :smile:

Also my apologies to the folks that I set up $ matches with. I’m usually more direct and insistent about playing those but I could tell that there was too much going on and not enough time to fit them in so I just chose to not play them. I’m assuming that’s ok with everyone because no one came to me either to ask about playing them. Perhaps another time.

YK. Young Kim. Amazing 3S player. Won KOF at FR last year. Wins all day. Wins for weeks. You cannot beat this man. His eastern magic mixup makes you cry when you get hit by 6 shoulders in a row.

yo mac grood jerb on gettin 2nd in gg. Nice abceein ya again. Thanks for the cigarettes i am enjoying right now. Guess there is no dress code for the venue i was practically naked. Josh, good job on running the tourney. Allsome turnout, allsome players. i learned alot yesterday

is he on srk…ill take him out on 2df if he plays.

yk_kof on srk. Shame on all 3rd players for not inviting him into the team event.

Josh, if truly necessary, we can figure out the GG brackets from memory.

What’s up everyone!?

Here are the full results for the SC4 tournament on 4/25/09. I also have the results for the T5: DR Round Robin Tourney as well. You can edit this into the main post whenever u get the chance Josh. Thank you in advance my good sir. :tup:

SC4 (11 Entrants):

1st: Cordy (Amy)
2nd: The Game Eater (Sophitia, Kilik)
3rd: Krono (Cassandra, Kilik, Astaroth, Setsuka)
4th: Sluch (Amy, Seong Mi~na)
5th(T): Derrick Legend (Taki, Xianghua, Kilik)
5th(T): TRKT (Kilik, Siegfried)
7th(T): LOC (Setsuka, Cassandra)
7th(T): DizzyNecro (Algol)
9th(T): Eternal (Setsuka)
9th(T): Rekano (Maxi, Yoshi)
9th(T): TearsOfLove (Cervantes)

T5: DR (5 Entrants, Round Robin):

1st: Sluch (Christie, Lili)
2nd: LOC (Feng, Hwoarang)
3rd: Soul Bushido (Eddy, King)
4th: Enter The Gecko (Anna, Lee)
5th: Andrew B. (Lee)

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone that came to the tournament yesterday. It was a lot of fun & I’ll be looking forward to when we’ll have another one sometime in the future. Good stuff to everyone there. I’ll post up props & shout-outs whenever I get the chance to do so. :tup:

Take it easy & have a good one. Peace. :china:

Very GGs to everyone there, and great seeing everyone as always. Now that I have my stick back I can play other games besides SF4, yay!

Sorry about not saying good-bye, but I looked at the time and realized I had to get going immediately if I didn’t want to fall asleep at the wheel or something.

Antwan and I keep counter-adapting back and forth, it’s nuts. You made me fully realize how high-level Seth matches are going to play out, and for that I thank you.

Congrats to Antwan, Brent, Sean (SBO qualifier, holy shit), Gary, Ray, Harmon, Mac, Chase, Young, and the rest. And of course, major thanks to OG Team Cincy crew + Ghaleon for running this.

I do have one complaint: The pool system used for SF4. The problem with this is that you could potentially have the two best players in the same pool and automatically guarantee that one of them will finish out of the money. If Final Round could run a standard bracket with 243 people, I don’t see why we couldn’t. Or alternately, you could do 4 pools, with the winners and losers finalists placed into their respective brackets in top 8.

That aside, this was a great time and I will definitely try to make it to anything you all run in the future!

Josh you own me 5 bucks… lol… shoutouts coming to a a later post.

When should I expect those $5 from you?

ggs to those I played. And thanks, Arkayne, for the Abel tips.

HDr results were:

1st: Brent “vega/immortal” - Vega/Chun Li
2nd: “Kajoq” - Honda/Chun Li
3rd: Harmon “nomrah” - Dee Jay/Honda
4th: Larry O. - Zangief

HDr - 3v3 Ohio vs Elsewhere - Ohio wins 7-2

I had a great time, great to put some faces with the screen names. Random shoutouts:

Jose - I’ll try to get Chris to not break anymore of his sticks =)
murderbydeath - We’ll have to get in some more DeeJay v DeeJay even tho that matchup sucks!
tiggy - nice meeting you man
Larry - Sorry for spamming the shit outta you with Honda lol, I’ll look forward tot he next time we meet, always a good time
Brent - we’ll need to play more online, Godweapon OGs
Dave (ghettontherise) - It was great that you were able to make it out, hope you can make it to more Midwest events
Antwan - it was nice meeting you sir, good matches in HDr casuals - remember, DeeJay has two trips =) sucks I didn’t get to play you in SF4, we’ll need to meet up on Live
Josh B. - Never seen Seth played IRL, good shit, though I think he needs to be banned based solely on the boredom factor, those matches lasted forever!
Moses - I’ll have to brush up on my Mandarin for next time lol

Congrats to all the winners and thanks to everyone for coming out. See you next time.

  • Harmon

Seth is far from ban worthy…

you sir are absolutely correct, i was merely commenting on how utterly boring Seth matches are at high level play.

Anybody remember the Team Elsewhere vs. Ohio 5v5 3s round robbin results?

Ah. Understood. For me, to watch Alucard fight against Seth and overcome everything that was thrown at him to win, made Josh vs Alucard the most exciting matches I have ever seen in the game. My opinion may be biased because Alucard is my Michigan brother, though.

Shout outs:

Dayton Crew - Keep it comin, you capcom guys are definitely moving up the brackets little by little. WHERE IS THE PRO HELP AT, WE TRYNA BEAST TOO!? Share the tips even if you don’t know us too well and I can guarantee we will take money :slight_smile:

Kris - I STILL lose to X and Amy. I’ll just block more against them though…

Sluch - See “Kris”

Derrick - See “Sluch”

(But for real though, you guys and the rest of the Nati/NKY crew are seriously ballin. Keep it up though, I GOTS to come down and practice more with you guys soon)

JMS - Thanks for the tips and the sarcasm :slight_smile:

Josh Queen - Great turnout, it seems like you got more than you expected. Funny stuff always happens running tournaments but I’m glad you atleast kept your composure.

— Great seeing everyone else, keep working hard on all these new games. [media=youtube]4B0X626OorU"[/media]

Thats what I’m talking about!

Shoutouts to the Detroit cats. I’m going to beat yall cats soon in Marvel.

Good seeing everyone. I’ll enter 4 next time and fuck everyone’s shit up. KNOW THAAT!!

Another notch on the belt, Bum Basherz is the shit…

I really wanted to make this one but due to circumstances I was at the crib posted instead.

LOC how in the fuck did you get 2nd in DR? :confused: