The Zero glitch, should it be banned?

If you don’t know about it watch this video first: [media=youtube]eK3YseTHEBQ[/media]

If the person who lands it has a life lead it’s a guaranteed timeout victory with nothing the other person can do once they get hit with an assist out.

My personal opinion is since it breaks the game in such a clearly unintended way and detracts from gameplay, it should be banned and any game where it happens should be restarted.

But what’s your opinion on it SRK?

Ban it just like Gambit glitch. And you don’t restart games when someone does a banned technique. This is entirely controllable by the Zero player - if they do it they forfeit the game.

it shouldnt be banned. it should simply be patched, because its a game-breaking glitch. itd be easy to patch where it doesnt end the game, and that wouldnt affect game balance. you also have to take into consideration the online play, where people wont care about “tournament rules” and banned/not banned tactics.

this is the only case where i support patching out things. this doesnt nerf zero if its gone

I don’t see a problem, with all the crap that’s already in the game some people would’ve guessed it’s part of the game. Rather very situational at the same time.

It should be patched, but in the mean time banned, just because it’s in the same vein as the Gambit Glitch or Dead Body Infinites. But it CAN be done by mistake (so many things happen on screen while Sougenmu is going, you might do a snapback at the wrong time). Patch it, which Capcom probably will.

you know every zero user thought one thing when they saw that video:


i know i would if i used him. also, this is worse than a double snap, which is a very situational move, and double snaps can get baited in mvc2

It’s possible that it could happen by accident if you’re not thinking about it, but very unlikely. Definitely ban it, but be sure there’s no incentive to use it (e.g. free restart to a game going badly). The rule I would use running a tournament is: If you do it and you lose at the time out, you lose the game, if you do it and win, you replay the game.

The Zero team has to get a life lead on you and then spend 2 bars in a situation where they have two characters in a juggle. If they have two bars to spend when they have two characters in a juggle, you’re probably in bad shape anyway.

I’m not too concerned about it wrecking tournaments in between now and whenever Capcom patches it.

Yeah patch it, but in the mean time, ban it.

This is a case of something being in the game that clearly should have never made it in in the first place, so it should be patched out sooner rather than later.

Actually I immediately thought what I posted above (‘ban it like the Gambit glitch’). Using this online would be a way to pile up delicious hatemail though, since there isn’t really anything that can be done about it online.

And seriously, if you do it you lose. That’s how banned techniques work. You could say it’s possible by accident but anyone with any game-sense at all isn’t going to do this by accident. Think of how many conditions are required: Your opponent needs to have an assist on screen AND you need to hit them AND you need to be in Sougenmu (which is rarely used outside of XF Hadangeki spam or Install->tag-out) AND you need to willingly input :qcf:+assist AND you need to make the real Zero’s snapback whiff and hit with the shadow. If you aren’t paying attention to what’s on the screen and you cause a glitch that prevents the game from continuing that’s entirely your fault.

/coming from someone who will play Zero in every match until this game dies

It seems practical, the only hard part is just getting the main person hit while there is an assist out.

Nah. Just because something is unintentional doesn’t mean it’s grounds for a patch/ban. One of the only reasons you should ban a technique IMO is when it puts the game in a literally unplayable state.

Which this glitch also does, so yeah… ban until patch.

So, considering that Desk is out there breaking this game. Is someone going to create a new thread every time a glitch is found asking if it should be banned?

Hopefully not.

To answer your question, (which I am sick of seeing) (Should this blah blah blah be banned)

My answer is WAIT.

Not every glitch puts the game in an unplayable state. Debates just like this happened with Gambit glitch in MvC2, IC’s freeze glitch in Melee, MK infinite dimensional-cape glitch in Brawl (all of these were banned), and probably a bunch of others I’m not aware of.

It’s game breaking, so unless it gets patched, sure, ban it. They did the same thing with Vice’s glitch in KoFXIII.

.1 Glitch topic above

MegamanDS said that all gamebreaking glitches will be banned, so this topic is useless.

waits for preppy/dios

There is already a rule for glitches that prevent the game from being played.

The assist doesn’t need to be in the combo, just on screen at all.

You must be new if you think something like this would be allowed.

You new members have a weird way of looking at shit. I’m a Zero user and there is no way in hell I’m going to waste 90 seconds of my life waiting for the clock to count down.

Also shit like this have always been banned. Look at Gambit as an example.

2010 I am disappoint. :shake: