The Wrestling Thread: WWE Elimination Chamber -2/21/21 WWE Network moving to Peacock in March

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Cause wrestling is real.
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So much blame to go around especially the ref.

That match was so bad and the ending so flat

The bucks are heels

Ftr are heels

What is the point of investing


Part of me thinks Jay White has a black gf and that is why he moved to orlando and went all in with blm


Flip just wants the heel heat

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So Gulak’s gimmick now is he just copies Daniel Bryan?

at 2:18.

Nani da fuck at this heel turn

It was inevitable really…

Wow…they are making Retribution look like punk bitches.

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Did miz re up and they decide now. I mean i guess miz earned it with the work he put in.

But damn i sort of hope somebody else takes it from miz.

Was @dab00g the ref for the HIAC match Reigns/Uso?

EDIT: Going down the youtube rabbit whole with pro wrestling and such. Now that I think about it, it’s not impossible when I say that Vince Russo and the likes were probably sent to WCW to sabotage it so that the WWE wins in the end!!!

The little things made this match special…

Marvel x AAA

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Their are scum bag promotions then there is scummmmmbag promotions

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