The Wood Workers Thread

Currently I’ve noticed a lot of threads opened up for worklogs and basic building advice, so I wanted to create a thread geared specifically towards woodworking (lets mash em’ together). If you are a first time builder looking for a little help or a veteran builder who wants to exchange ideas about your next projects, go over different techniques (hell even your best accidents) here’s the place. If you would like to post pics of your work in production for assistance or to show off your workshop.

If asking questions please list your current tools/paint/finishing supplies as there may be someone out there with a few tips or tricks specific to the brand you’re using :wink:
My current setup:
Dewalt table saw
Custom Router Table
Craftsman Router
Porter Cable Router
Ryobi router 1/4" collet w/table
Vintage industrial floor standing drill press
Rigid Bandsaw
Leigh Dovetail jig
Great sites to visit for general woodworking info:**

Sawdust Making 101 a guide for the beginning woodworker - The Woodworker’s Online Resource
Woodworking Talk - Woodworkers Forum
LumberJocks Woodworking Forums @ ~ woodworking community

Stores to check out for exotic and domestic wood
Exotic Hardwood Lumber and Woodworkers Supplies | **excellent store
Woodworking Plans & Tools | Fine Woodworking Project & Supplies at Woodcraft

Recommended Dyes for Staining

TransTint Dyes -

Water Based
General Finishes Water Based Dyes -

Helpful guide for case construction wiring and so much more


Hey! Great thread!!!

The workshop I work at actually belongs to my Uncle who is a Construction Contractor and he has a garage FULL of tools!!! Every tool imaginable. The actual tools I use and own are:
Contractors Table Saw
Craftsman Router
Drill Press
Various Drills

I’d be happy to answer and questions that you guys have about woodworking!! Also, for immediate assitance don’t forget about the SRK tech talk IRC channel: #srktt on efnet!

Cool thanks Canto! I just picked up a press last night after my hand drill died :S I’m thinking of making a switch to metal cp tops for the wood cases. Any tips for drilling button holes in sheet metal specifically in reference to the lubing?

Can’t help you there… I’ve never worked with metal before actually. :sweat:
Isn’t this the wood workers thread??? loool jk jk

you got me there lol

Maybe should change the title to the “Woodworkers and Metalworkers Machine shop.”

Good idea for a thread…

I have a couple simple questions. I don’t have a shop or large space to work in, but I have the following at my disposal to accomplish smaller modifications on my cases:

Adjustable speed dremel (w/ various bits, wheels and grinding sets)
Band Saw
Drill Press
Belt Sander
Corded Drills
Table Saw
Jig Saw

First, I’d like to add a DB15 port to the side of one of my wood cases, like this:

The case is 3/4 MDF. I would think it’s too small of cut to use a jig saw. What’s the best tool to use to make a small rectangle hole to insert this into? Obviously it’s got the holes to screw in to mount it, and I can easily drill that.

I’m a novice at any sort of woodworking, I’m basically just learning by doing and practicing on older wood cases I have lying around.

Hi Guys,

Do places exist where you can rent a workshop for a couple hours or whatnot and have use of house tools?

I thought such places would be around, but I can’t seem to find anything online.

Good thread idea too.

What you could do is use the Drill press if you have a big enough fostner bit and then take away the excess wood with the dremel to make it square.

I think you could also do this with a band saw, but I’m un-familiar with that tool.

Def. practice on scrap piesces before you drill into your case. :rock:

Your best bet is to go to a local high school or technical college and see if they’ll let you use their stuff… thats the closest thing I can think of that will let you do this. I don’t think that theres any business like you’re describing.

Yeah, I have some scrap that I’ll be messing around with tonight. We’ll see how that goes.

I have more questions I’m sure, but I’ll get to those as I come to them.

You may want to check out I’ve been to this location couple months back and it was pretty cool to meet people with similar hobbies.

These shops are starting to spread throughout US so just keep a close eye on the location lists.

I’m trying to source from funding from CDN govt to start one of these shops as well in Canada.

I would use a hand drill to drill a bunch of holes.
Then carefully use a dremel carver to rougly carve out a rectangle hole, smaller than what is needed,.

Lastly get a small, flat-on-one-side wood file (reccomend: a small half round) to cleanly shape it, or use just use the dremel.

I did this with a DB-25. The hardest part is the sides around the screw holes. The screw holes will probably connect to the main rectangle hole since they are so close and you are using mdf.

Do you have an oversize piece of plexi on there? Is that to kind of support the project box you have connected?

Thanks for the tips also.

i have lots of wood working tools but have better things to make then cases lol

Then GTFO of this thread. Thanks for making a worthwhile contribution to the discussion.

Seriously… why even post.

Thanks for the info guys!

That TechShop place is damn awesome. They need to get down to SoCal.

In addition if you dont have a plunge router you can use a 3/16" straight bit, trace out your pattern, then use either the press or a basic hand drill and said bit to punch out your holes from there you would just sand it a bit. I had to do this to bottom mount a happ stick when a bit got stuck in my router and it worked out fine :wink:

Hey, I have a question. When applying a wood finish, whats the best way to do it? A lot of thin coats or heavy coats? I don’t know alot about applying wood finishes so thanks in advance.

wish we had a “TechShop” here in NYc… id be a member so fast