THE WINTER BASHINGS! Cincinnati, Ohio Tourney 1/26/08

THE WINTER BASHINGS!!! Cincinnati, Ohio Tourney 1/26/08

Well, it’s that time once again for another fighting game tourney here in “The Nati”. Jbeene & Sluch proudly announce the arrival of “The Winter Bashings!”

It will be held at Game City 360 in Newport, Kentucky (Right across the river from Cincy & located @ Newport On The Levee).

Entry will be $5 at the door and $10 per game entered.

The games and times are:

1:00 PM Tekken DR (PS3) / 3rd Strike (PS2)
1:00 PM Melee (GC)
2:30 PM MVC2 (DC) / GGXX Accent Core (PS2)/Neo Geo Battle Collesium (PS2)
5:00 PM ST (PS2) / CVS2 (PS2)

More games maybe entered to the card depending on time & interest.

Payout per game is standard: 70/20/10


All tournaments will be double-elimination format. 2/3, 3/5 winner’s/loser’s finals, 4/7 GF. We’re using the Evo standard for all games.

This is a BYOC (Bring Your Own Controller/Converter/Joystick) event. There will probably be “some” controllers that can be provided, but everyone knows that borrowed controllers may not always be reliable or available. Best bet is to bring ur own stuff. We can’t stress that enough. If u don’t, u might be outta luck for getting something reliable, or anything at all as a matter of fact.

For the Tekkenites:
For Tekken DR, if you bring a PS2 controller/Arcade Stick, ALSO bring a converter for the PS2 to PS3 port. PS2 controllers won’t work if you don’t bring a converter. Also, if you bring your own PS3 controller, bring a USB cord w/ it to connect the PS3 controller to the PS3. Finally, remember to turn the wireless connection off on it after your matches are finished. I seem 2 recall issues w/ that in previous tournaments for Tekken DR, so remember to turn the wireless PS3 connection off to it when u r finished w/ ur matches.

The following rules apply:

If the start button is hit or a malfunction with your equipment occurs, causing the game to pause or reset during a match within the first 5 secs, the match WILL be restarted. However if after that point, then your opponent will have the opportunity to take the 1st win or reset the match, advantage or not.

Button mapping is allowed. Having 2 or 3 buttons combined into ONE is banned (e.g. No 3x punch/kick mapped to L1, etc.). Guilty Gear & Tekken: DR are exempt from this rule.

3S – Winner keeps the same character, but can change super art. Loser can change everything. JUDGEMENT CANNOT DECIDE A MATCH!!

MvC2 – No game-breaking glitches (you know what they are); Juggs’ glitch allowed. Winner keeps the SAME team/SAME order. Loser can change everything.

T5: DR – Players must agree on a stage. If not, random stage select will be in effect. Winner keeps same character, loser may change. No button-mapping. No Jinpachi.

Guilty Gear – No macros for button-mapping.

ST – (AE Edition) All characters selectable, except no Akuma, Turbo 3

– Double Elimination bracket
– Matches are best of 3, semis and loser’s finals are best of 5, with grand finals best of 7
– 4 stock, 8-minute limit
– Ties broken by lives, then percentage
– Items OFF
– Singles $10/person/Teams $10/person (if time/interest allows. A well-run event should leave plenty of time, like our last tourney did)

– Stages limited to the 6 neutral stages for random, others open for counterpicks.
– Neutral stages: Battlefield, Final Destination, Yoshi’s Story, Fountain of Dreams, Dreamland 64, Pokemon Stadium.
– Stages banned: Yoshi’s Island, MKI, MKII, Venom, Big Blue, Flatzone, Icicle Mountain, Hyrule Temple, Fourside, Brinstar Depths, Termina, Onett and Yoshi’s Island 64
– Dave’s Stupid Rule: No stage may be used twice in a single match, either by random select or by picking
– Stage Strike: Each person strikes one stage for the entire set. This stage must be selected at the beginning of the match, after initial characters have been chosen.
– Advanced Slob Picks: Loser may choose the next stage or elect to go random, then winner may choose to change characters, then loser may change characters
– Double Blind pick may be called at any time

-Team Specific Rules:
– Team Attack ON
– Life stealing allowed
– Fountain of Dreams and Mute City banned

-Other SSBM Rules:

– Controller mods of ANY kind (short-hop mod, L-trigger mod, etc), excluding cosmetic changes (paint, stickers, different colored plastic, etc.), are BANNED. If you are found to be using a modded controller, you will not be able to use that controller for the rest of the tournament.
–Glitches used to stop your opponent from controlling their character or indefinitely freezing them (Mewtwo’s Soul Stunner, the Ice Climber freeze glitch), or any glitch that freezes the match or makes it in any way unfinishable, are banned. Using them will result in the immediate forfeiture of the match.
– Tactics such as Peach’s Wallbombing and Jiggly’s Rising Pound are allowed as methods of recovery or to maneuver around the stage. Using them (or any similar tactics such as dropping below levels intentionally and stalling underneath) to excessively stall a match is banned.


Pre registration is available as well. Just post up ur TZ or SRK handle, what city & state ur from, & what games you want to play in, & we’ll put u down on the Pre-Reg List.

There are plenty of places to eat @ Newport on the Levee and drinks are available on location. It’s right next door to a GameWorks and an AMC theatre, so if you don’t feel like practicing or just watching matches, you’re welcome to see a movie or perhaps play some DDR @ GameWorks if you want.

Best bet for parking would be inside the Parking Garage @ Newport on the Levee. Parking there in the morning & afternoon is $3.00 on Saturdays.

**Address: **
Game City 360 (
1 Levee Way
Newport, KY 41071

If there’s any questions, comments, or concerns; just post up here or give me or Jbeene a PM.

Thanks, and we hope to see a lot of new faces and some faces we already know. See ya there & get some hype 4 this! The Winter Bashings are coming soon!!!


Tekken 5 DR:
Sluch (Newport, KY)
Son Them All (Cincinnati, OH)
Spearl236 (Columbus, OH)
Krono (Taylor Mill, KY)
Legend D (Cincinnati, OH)
Diego El Fuego (Cincinnati, OH)
Wolfman (Cincinnati, OH)
Chamberjin (Dayton, OH)
TRKT (Dayton, OH)
TheRedCyclone (Cincinnati, OH)
Gabby (Dayton, OH)

3rd Strike:
Yetighettoslang (Cincinnati, OH)
Remyton Steele (Cincinnati, OH)
Tiberious (Cincinnati, OH)
Son Them All (Cincinnati, OH)
Arkayne17 (Dayton, OH)
Doppleganger3814 (Milford, OH)
Chickenfat (Columbus, OH)
Jbeene (Cincinnati, OH)
Crackbone (Cincinnati, OH)
Paladin90 (Columbus, OH)
Quinna B.B. (Cincinnati, OH)
DeryckTheCid (Indianapolis, IN)
Riot Guard (Indianapolis, IN)
Daryl (Dayton, OH)
Chris Rose (Cincinnati, OH)
Sevink (Cincinnati, OH)
Poon (Columbus, OH)

Super Smash Brothers Melee:
Quina B.B. (Cincinnati, OH)
MacArthur Blunts (Cincinnati, OH)
Sevink (Cincinnati, OH)

Marvel vs. Capcom 2:
DaddyNeptune (Dayton, OH)
Jbeene (Cincinnati, OH)
Chris Rose (Cincinnati, OH)
Poon (Columbus, OH)
Legend D (Cincinnati, OH)
Gabby (Dayton, OH)

GGXX Accent Core:
Chickenfat (Columbus, OH)
Zinac (Lexington, KY)
Kyle (Morehead, KY)
MacArthur Blunts (Cincinnati, OH)

Neo Geo Battle Collesium
Jbeene (Cincinnati, OH)
Remyton Steele (Cincinnati, OH)
Daddy Neptune (Dayton, OH)
Yetighettoslang (Cincinnati, OH)
Sinow Beat (Cincinnati, OH)

Super Turbo:
Poon (Columbus, OH)
Legend D (Cincinnati, OH)
Diego El Fuego (Cincinnati, OH)
Crackbone (Cincinnati, OH)
Zinac (Lexington, KY)
TRKT (Dayton, OH)
Chris Rose (Cincinnati, OH)

Capcom vs. SNK 2:
Psyfer (Cincinnati, OH)
Chickenfat (Columbus, OH)
Paladin90 (Columbus, OH)
Darius (Cincinnati, OH)
Tiberious (Cincinnati, OH)
Sinow Beat (Cincinnati, OH)
FSgamer (Campbellsville, KY)

ahhhh whats kraken sluch?! Sign me up for 3s for sho. Lets have a NEO GEO BATTLE COLISEUM tourney! And id say count keith and mixup mingie in for 3s as well. Why does street fighter 4 look like it belongs living with oscar the grouch?

ya ill be there and like luke said mum should be there as well unless he has to work…but ya there should be a ngbc tournament id be down for that and 3s of course

I should be there, if school doesnt fuck me over

Well, this is on… Had a great time at Spanksgiving, so you know I’ll be here.

Same games as last time, and I’m makin’ sure to bring some copies of ST with me, so none of this having to go back home shit from me (same with a VMU for the save).

If anyone has one, though, I would love to see an XBox-to-PS2 (and possibly XBox-to-DC) converter show up. Don’t think I have time enough to order one/both.

Edit: All else fails, I come in with my X-Arcade…

Luke, what is up brotherman!? I’ll getya down for 3S here on the Pre-Reg List. :tup: I still gotta laugh @ ur SF4 & Oscar the Grouch comment Luke. That’s some good shit there. :lol:

It seems like there’s a lot of interest for Neo Geo Battle Collesium. I’m sure we can work that in. You’ve shown interest in that Luke, so did Remy, & I think Josh wanted in as well, so I’m pretty sure that’ll be no prob getting that in to the tourney card here. :tup: I’ll keepya guys updated on that once I talk 2 Josh.

Remy, I’ll put ya down for 3S as well on the Pre-Reg List.

Spearl, what’s happenin bro!? It’d be awesome if u can make it down 4 the tourney. I know how school is, so it can be a pain in the ass. Nevertheless, it does come 1st. It’d be great if u can make it here 4 the tourney. I need some more ass-kickings from ur Ganryu. :lol: Ohh, I 4got 2 tellya, I got a PS3 for my Christmas/College Graduation gift (my girlfriend rocks, she bought it 4 me), so u don’t have 2 worry about bringing urs here if u make it down.

Mike South in the house!!! What’s happenin man!? I’m glad ur making it there bro. What games u signing up 4 by chance? Post it up whenever u get a chance, & I’ll putya down in the Pre-Reg List.

Take it easy guys & have a good one. Peace.

What do you think, man? 3S and ST, without a doubt. Not down for dat smash just yet. Gonna show up with (at least) one of those nice english disks to boot.

Oh snap u gotta ps3. Now derrick should get one so he knows how to get out of b+1 lol. jk derrick. What games do u play sluch. I play tekken and ncaa 08 so if you play on line let me know and ill give u my screen name. ill try to make it to give feng some of that ganny love.

Ya’ll already know I’m down. Tiger Jackson up in that ass Spearl…remember? IN THAT ASS. I think this time I’ll try and get back into 3rd Strike as well. Gotta get some practice in tho. This PS3 is so damn distracting. Don’t have AC still, so I’m pretty sure I’d get mauled hardcore. Should be fun.

Cool beans. I gotchya down for those games Mike. :tup:

Spearl: I most certainly did get a PS3 & that shit is the bomb-digity! I have no internet connection in my room @ all (where my PS3 is @), so I don’t get online & play any online games @ all. I’ve been playing A LOT of DR & Heavenly Sword, so I can’t complain. It’s all good I guess not having an internet connection 2 my PS3, I’ll just have 2 miss out on the lagtastic DR Online battles. :lol:

Yeah, Derrick should be getting a PS3. When that’ll happen, the world may never know. Hopefully soon I suppose.

Yes, the Ganny-goodness, where d/f2&3 hits me all day, & when I do block it, I don’t punish it correctly. Not blocking that move or not punishing it w/ Feng’s ws&4 when I do block it makes for fun times. :tup: :lol:

Brandon, what’s up my brother!? I’ll go on ahead & putya down for DR & 3S on the Pre-Reg List. Just giving ya a heads up, I will callya in the next couple days about another DR session going on b4 The Winter Bashings approaches. I’ll letya know what’s up then when I give u a call. :tup:

Take it easy everyone & have a good one. Peace. :china:

MvC2 and maybe CvS2. If there is a NGBC tourney sign me up.


I gotchya down for those games in the Pre-Reg List Quan. :tup:

Just wanted 2 say Congrats on ur win in MVC2 @ Ohayocon. Good shit there brotherman! Adam (Psyfer) told me about it yesterday & the day b4.

Also, if u can help me out Quan, can u let Micah, Kam, Quentin, Adam (Skeez), & the rest of the Dayton crew know about this. I’ll probably call all of them anyway, :lol: but if u can let them know, it’d be great appreciated. Thanks brotherman. :china:

I know Psyfer will be there. It’d be great 2 get all of the Dayton crew down here 4 this. :tup:

Later everyone. Peace.


3s You Know its me!

Sign me up sluch.

Quentin, ur in like flint for 3S on that Pre-Reg List. :tup:

Mortal Kombat & Killer Instinct. Quentin, u r the shiznite! I doubt there will be enough interest for tourneys for those two games. However, I wouldn’t mind playin ya Quentin & getting my ass kicked in some Kombat of the Mortal kind if u bring that down. :tup: I’ll be providing the weak sauce 4 that one brother. My shit is gonna get owned & destroyed. :lol:

Later everyone.

i’d like to enter the 3s tourney, although i’m not sure how good i’ll be (practice for someone good i’m sure) i really don’t know many cincy fighting game fans, so networking and socializing will be good…see you all there

well now.i may…have to show my face here:)lol!

Name:chernell "chickenfat"
location-the bus,ohio
games-3s,cvs2,guilty gearxxAC

ive actually had a lot of free time to practice!so hopefully i can give you guys a good fight!hahaha!SON THEM ALL?!?!3s!OHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHH!!!

BRANDON. We are going to have our selfs a battle royal next time we meet. I coming for revenge. HAHAHA

Sluch sign me up for tekken

Hey hey see if you can get that NGBC as a side tourney playa!

Sluch man I did not come out a winner at that tourney. I don’t even consider it a notch on my belt just practice.

Isn’t this really close to an OH tourney we just had? And there’s a Michigan tourney that week or a week apart, and the IN tourney is this weekend – you guys should really space this stuff out better, and how bout a little notice? Sorry if that’s harsh but I woulda hoped Josh/whoever else is organizing knew better than this by now. Feb is wide friggin open.

If you want to be small-time and run these events only for the locals, that’s cool and I understand, but I woulda thought you’d want to get Cincy some bigger events seeing as how OH is resurrecting a bit.

Doppleganger, I got u down for 3S in the Pre-Reg List. Yeah, if u don’t know that many ppl from Cincy or other cities around Southwest Ohio & Northern Kentucky, this will be a great way 2 meet everyone that plays fightings games around this area. Hope u can make it out bro. :tup:

Chickenfat, I gotchya down for all those games brotherman. This time around, I’m making it a point for us to meet & to play 3S & DR like we said we would do the last tourney. :tup:

Daniel bringing some Ganny love for DR. :lol: I gotchya down for Tekken brotherman. I’ll be looking forward to the Battle Royal between u & Brandon. I’ll also be looking forward 2 playing that Ganryu of urs as well. Of course, u know there’s gotta be a MM going on between us too. It’s tradition. :bgrin:

Quan, NGBC will be happening. I just gotta double check w/ Josh real quick 2 see if he has it or if he knows anyone that does have it, & if he or they do, it’ll be put on the card 4 sure. Also, don’t sell urself short on ur victory in Marvel. Yes, it is good practice, but did anyone else win the Marvel tourney there? NO!!! It was u my brother. Be proud of what u accomplished. :tup:

Ghaleon, u complain about things way 2 much. I must say, u r absolutely correct about the short notice we gave out for this tourney. Both Josh & I have been very busy over the holidays, & the holidays are hectic anyway for both us & the guys @ GameCity, so it was pretty tough 2 get everything together & organized for this tourney w/ all our busy schedules. We got everything together as soon as we can. It’s not a major tournament or anything, so 3 weeks notice isn’t too bad. If we could of gotten everything together sooner, we definately would of.

However, I must disagree w/ ur spacing out the tournaments comment. 1st & foremost, SBII was in November, if that’s what ur referring to as the recent Ohio tourney. If it is, what does it really matter? That was 2 months ago. 2ndly, the only other tourney that’s been set for awhile is the Gameworks tourney in Indianapolis, which is why Josh & I decided on the 26th as the date for the tourney here, so it would be 2 weeks after that tourney, & would not interfere w/ the tourney up in Indy in the least bit.

As far as other stuff going on, I know that Michigan will be having a fighting game tourney on the 19th & Dayton will be having a Tekken 5.1 tourney going on during the 19th as well, which both were on a short notice as well. In fact, all of these 3 tournies were kinda short notice, but who cares. The holidays make things hectic 2 plan out for January tourneys, so that’s why each of these tourneys were short notice, & nobody organizing any of these events knew what or when each one was to be taking place.

Is anyone complaing about the short notices for any of these tournies? Nobody except 4 u Ghaleon from what I’ve seen on the forums. All these tourneys are being held just b/c ppl wanna get together, play some fighting games, & have a good time. That’s what I think of the matter. If u can make it 2 any of these, that’s great. If u can’t, that’s understandable. That goes for both local ppl & ppl that travel that play fighting games.

Take it easy & have a good one everyone. Peace. :china: