The Wiki

Of all the fighting game sites out there SRK gets the most press and has so much more visibility then any other, which makes it all the more depressing that the wiki is in the state that it’s in. If all the information that you usually have to surf the forums for could be cleanly compiled into the wiki then I think that most of the execution barrier that keeps gamers from becoming fans and scrubs from becoming tournament level could be removed. But the wiki is in a sad state. Most even semi obscure games like Blazblue just have copied templates from the 3s section with new character names posted in. Some even include the jpeg of the 3s tier list, as if those match-up statistics apply to the game in question. And joining the wiki is a hassle: I requested an account over a week ago with no word back. I understand the fear of vandalism, but wikis are incredibly easy to clean and vandals are incredibly easy to ban. If the account creation system was automated then I think we could get the wiki up to the standard that is set by this forum, and it could become a go to place for players of every fighting game to get valuable information.