The 'Who is in it to Win it' Thread

I think I’ve seen a LOT of people complain about this over the last year and I would like to break this down.

First, this is a thread for our “serious” players. The guys (and girls?) who want to play this game and bring their own game to the next level (Nationally and Internationally). These are the types of guys you see who are playing countless hours practicing their execution, bringing their game play up from winning locally and placing well repeatedly, but going the next step to placing well in other states or countries.

I’m not creating this thread because I’m one of the “serious” players. I’m creating this because I want those who are will be able to really look to see who has that drive and will to excel in the game.

The categories will be broken down as such:

  1. Full-time

  2. Part-time

  3. Seasonal

  4. Casually Competitive

  5. ‘Why so serious’

  6. Full-time: These are the players who are ALWAYS playing to improve. Playing almost everyday of the week, striving to do well at every tournament they enter. They will get pissed if they feel they fell short of their goal but that only adds to the fire that burns within. They care about being good not just locally, but on the National/International level. These are the guys who everyone reveres, and in some cases, intimidate others.

  7. Part-time: You see these guys playing off & on, a very similar passion to the Full-timers, but don’t wish to commit that much time. They care about the National/International tournaments as well, but they don’t go to EVERY tournament. They will hit up tournaments and do well, typically placing up there with the stronger/Full-timers. Playing a lot, but not as much as their counterparts, the Full-timers.

  8. Seasonal: These guys will come out of the wood work to play when something comes up be it Evo, SNCR, Mid-west Champs, SBO Qualies or any event that might bring them away from their lives to play the game. They will play from time to time but generally stick to playing when something is nearby or comes up to play in.

  9. Casually Competitive: The style of player that plays when it’s convenient, doesn’t travel out of state for tournaments aside from the experience of going on vacation. Fun-loving but strong people, not the type to sleep on or you’ll get burnt.

  10. ‘Why so serious’: These are the chillest mother’uckers you will find to play with. You can drink, joke, fuck around because you’re not playing to win. They may not win every tournament in SSF4, but they win at life and that’s pretty much the gist of their play-time.

Not trying to insult anyone, but this is for the competitive guys planning to play this game hardcore for a great while. I actually had listed a discussion similar to this awhile back, but didn’t feel like looking for the thread.

The scenes brightest hope should vote, but please be honest what kind of player you are. We all understand Evo is a month away and you feel like an infernal pillar of passion to play Super street fighter 4, but don’t cheat those who might play you and not get the expected experience my friends. It’s not going to hurt anyones feelings (1 of us here is a robot, so you can’t hurt his) if you’re not a Full-timer, everybody has lives so we know how it goes.

Deflate the hype/ego/pride for the half-second you point & click for these options, this is to help show people where you are at this very moment. You can always fluctuate from one or the others, I just want people to have the idea of who they are coming to play in their sessions and who they can invite for the serious grinds for events (local and non-local).

Disclaimer: This isn’t some Bible, so don’t take it to heart.

Edit: I’m a ‘Seasonal’ player. I play when events come up, the casual here or there, but I don’t practice outside of that unless something is coming that needs me to practice.

There really isn’t a point to this thread Jared, do appreciate the help you’re trying to give. But people know where they stand and are seeking out those with the same mindset already.

If it’s not necessary then I’d say delete it.

I regret even typing this up now that I think about it because there was no point.

any thread like this is important. any progress is better than no progress.