The Wet Blanket Whip: More useful than you think

For those who don’t know what this move is, Nak grabs her shawl and flings it in front of her, creating a fireball reflector. It can be doubled up for a two-hit combo.

+P for one swipe
+P +P for two swipes

I was playing her in casual today, and I found that I was using it a lot more than I normally did, and therefore I saw a lot of its uses and quirks about it that I didn’t know before. Here’s what I discovered.

  • As Nak is a rarely-used character, not many people know she has a fireball reflector. Even the ones that have seen it before don’t know that she can whip it out twice.

  • While it’s not a stop-all anti-air, the thing seems to be a pretty deceptive one, especially the upward-arching second swipe. Remember, you don’t need to land the first swipe to go into the second, so try baiting some late jump attacks by throwing out what appears to be a horrible whiff, then follow the whiff up with a smack in the face.

  • I found that against characters with really slow projectiles (Guile, Athena) sometimes jump in after their fireball anticipating a reflect. When they get it and try for a jump-in attack, a second whip will come out in a hurry, trading against heavy attacks and usually beat most light hits. If the jump is shallow enough, you could probably beat anything clean.

  • c.roundhouse is a wakeup tool like nothing else, but sometimes I mix it up with the whips. I’ll show the one hit version first from a safe distance after knockdown to setup the two-hitter: Show the first one a bit early, and then as the other guy thinks you’ve mistimed a wakeup hit and lets his guard down, bring out the second one and knock him back down (and then use again).

  • This last one was more of a fluke then anything else, but it was a funny one. If you’re close enough to someone who’s about to spit out an FB, and the whip comes out at the right time, you’ll both hit them with the whip and the reflect. It didn’t combo, but I got two counter hits out of it.

As fragile as Nak is, using all of the moves in her arsenal is really important. This one is no exception, though I feel it’s underused a little bit. How does everyone incorporate the move into their Naks?

Damn, how you get those yellow arrows?!

Cool, i didn’t know you could get the 2nd whip without connecting with the first!

Oh and you can combo the whip into reflected FB, into something else, but I think it’s only in highly unlikely situations.

Hrm… I wonder if you can get the 2nd whip when she does her alpha counter?


No, all counters are one-hit, and aren’t bufferable or comboable.

Bison can combo his counter into super psycho crusher…

He used html code. Set the FONT to Wingdings. COLOR to yellow. Put those in brackets. Type what you want. Pretty creative. I’m going to start doing that.

damn… that seems like a lot of effort ^^