The Wesker Match-up thread

I figured many people as well as I can benefit from a thread like this!
Matchups I’m having trouble with right now are Wolverine and Ammy.

I was playing online last night and I was coming across a lot of players who had their shit together. One guy I played would use Wolverine with sentinel drones. I seriously didn’t have any idea what to do except block and hope that I blocked in the right direction. It didn’t seem like I could hit Wolverine out of his running cross up move, and then I’ve got drones hitting me from behind. Definitely gave me trouble and I’m wondering how a Wesker should deal with that approach?

Another character I don’t like fighting is Amaterasu, more for her jsut being so short than anything else. Haggar assist goes right over her, as well as Weskers gunshot. Me not being able to put pressure on her seems to get me in trouble because she’s constantly in my face with her attack strings. Vs Ammy, should I be doing rush-down or keepaway? Or some kinda mixture of both?

Please help, and feel free to post up any general information on matchups here. It this thread gets some good info I’ll go ahead and edit this post and put whatever you guys have to say in the first post!

Wesker’s worst match-up is definitely Ammy. Small, fast characters like Wolverine, X-23, and Felicia can really mess him up too. Thing is with Wesker against Ammy is that you CAN’T FREAKING SHOOT HER FOR YOUR LIFE.

Honestly, my best advice would be to use teleport shenanigans without the gun shot and probably throw in some Tiger Uppercuts for good measure. Do all of Ammy’s ground hits count as low unless she jumps? Maybe :m: Tiger Uppercut can help in that case. This is strictly theory fighting, but something worth trying out.

I’ll usually try to avoid the wesker ammy match up but when worst comes to worse I’ll do teleport shenans and try to catch a counter. In a rush down, while blocking, you might be able to land a well timed x-factor xx rhino charge. Same with if they’re whip abusing. Try to get a dash :h: tiger uppercut, for the wall bounce and follow up combo, against ice shots. the gun in the air can be useful too.

What I have a horrible time against is trish keep away. Any one have some tips? Couple locals will just stay in the air and lay traps and shoot downward projectiles at me.

Yeah never fought an Ammy before with Wesker but I can’t imagine the matchup is fun. Plenty characters already duck Wesker’s standing samurai edge shot and Ammy I’m sure can pretty much dash or walk under it. What I usually do against small characters is just go up in the air and shoot them with air shot. Takes chip from them everytime they block and if they get hit it does like 100k. For Ammy taking even one air gun shot is a big liability for her. Just shoot the bitch whenever you get a chance. She can’t fly or anything so might as well. I do that with any match I dont know a ton about. Just jump up and cap people. Air shot, M teleport, air shot H teleport is a good way to get some damage from afar while staying safe.

Against Trish…haven’t really fought much Trish either so can’t say much there. I play a bit of Trish but not enough to be like on a real competitive level. It sounds weird having to deal with someone being in the air laying out hop skotches all the time. I would probably just try to use H teleport to meet them up in the air and try to air throw. Either that or jump jump or super jump and air throw depending on how high they are. Not a bad idea to jump up and have Maximum Wesker ready to blow them up out of the air since her voltage shot aims low and you’ll probably be able to bypass it if u jump on and do it. Jumping up in the air and shooting them when you get high enough over her body is probably not bad either. He has a really high super jump which makes this easy to do. If you land the shot go into Max Wesker.

From my experience Wesker is far better off forcing any vs. Amaterasu to be an air based game. Wesker on the ground has very little aside from counters and random :d::m:'s. Jump back samurai edge -> teleport is usually pretty helpful, as is learning Wesker’s air to air loops into big combos to attempt to swat ammy out of the air.

Of course, the big thing with this matchup IMO is to always remain patient. Wesker has a very high stamina. Ammy does not. Wesker hits ridiculously hard. Ammy (from what I have seen) generally does not. You should focus on protecting yourself while setting up one big air to air combo, one counter, or something that gets you a hit and promptly kills the dog. Either way, the ammy needs to hit wesker several times (excluding x-factor) in order to kill him. Any time a wesker with meter hits ammy, it should be death.

Alot of Ammy players like to Press buttons. I use Wesker/Dante/Akuma. With Jam session she can’t get in easily against air shots. She has no real way to punish assist because the super doesn’t do a whole lot of damage. Also the counter super works well to land big combos that kill the dog. As far as, Trish i use teleport shenanigans assist call and air shots until i land a air to air combos, as trish has low vitality as well.

Wesker vs the Divekicks of DOOM
Trish and Wolvie, anyone got any good strats against these characters?

EDIT : I’m an idiot, obviously u are talkign about trish and wolvie dive kicks. anyway, rhino charge still works against this anyway. Also, against wolvie, u can jsut normal throw after blocking.

wesker kicks doom’s ass.

if doom is using dive kicks to get in, rhino charge on reaction. dive kick cannot be cancelled unless it is in hit or block stun.

man, trying to rhino charge trish divekick is dangerous. i learned this the hard way when my friend baited with it then he cancelled into super. and even if she don’t have meter, she can cancel it ( it don’t have to hit to cancel ) to low voltage, glyph, etc. and how the hell do wesker handle magnus? stupid disruptor is annoying. as for logan, if he diving without assist then rhino charge should own his ass for free.

The best way to deal with derpy dive kicks is to chicken block and then throw punish. Chicken blocking is a Melty Blood tactic where you purposely jump (preferably backwards) right before an attack is to hit you so you dont have to worry about a high low mix up. It’s good against Campbell’s soup sorta unblockable setups with assists where people just mash on a low assist while coming at you with a high move. They aren’t true unblockables so if you know the opponent is going to do one and they aren’t locking you down with something that forces you to not move you can just chicken block out of the unblockable. In Melty Blood chicken blocking got blown up by ground normals because ground normals worked like the SF Alpha games where they had air unblockable properties. In this game you can throw around chicken block all day cuz nothing beats it other than cross ups or throws and you can OS tech throws. If you’re in a sticky situation you might as well just chicken block and then advance guard.

The way chicken blocking works against dive kicks is forcing the dive into early recovery. The idea is to make sure they are within throw range and then right before the dive kick is to hit you jump backwards. Jumping backwards allows you to block in the air on frame one after your jump is active so you’ll block the dive kick in the air really close to the ground. What this basically does is force the dive kick to enter recovery frames earlier which gives you a more guaranteed throw punish.

The term is generally referring to the scrub tactic people use in Melty Blood when they’re scared to avoid mix ups but it’s much more punishable in that game. In this game there’s barely any reason not to chicken block though. It stops a lot of the dumb shit people are abusing in this game right now so you can either throw punish or even advance guard to push people away.

Only use rhino charge against a super obvious dive kick. If you do land it you’ll get like free half life damage or more but if you fuck up of course you’re gone. The game gives you more solid techniques for dealing with dive kicks that people just haven’t really discovered.

Against Doom Wesker should be fine. He has a projectile counter and H ground teleport to air S to stop abuse of projectiles. If Doom wants to get in with foot dive just shoot him him out of the air with standing samurai edge to free combo. It’s a really annoying matchup for Doom IMO because Wesker shot blows up air dash/dive movement and his gun can hit you before any of your beams can activate a lot of time. H teleport blows up obvious beams also. Doom has to play really lame in this matchup and pray for an air throw or counter hit. Wesker’s normals in the close range blow up Doom’s also.

Magneto is like Doom but Magneto has a 7 frame start up beam that you aren’t going to be able to shoot at much. Either way make use of your projectile counter and H teleport to air S to stop obvious disruptahs.

hmmm, good info deviljin.

Wesker’s L teleport works well on wolverine’s divekick as long as it’s from a dive kick from wolverine’s super jump and he can’t see you on the screen, then dash up cr.m. I’m not sure if it’s a straight punish or a crossup but it’s seems to be completely safe because dive kicks can only go in the direction the character is facing.

Ummm… Dive kick can be canceled into flight/fingers/finger super anytime anywhere. I’m assuming air plasma beam as well.

Anyways, I too have trouble vs Ammy, especially when she’s teamed with Tron assist. I have no idea what to do. My team consists of Mag/Wesker/Task. I was watching the break weekly and one of the commentators said Wesker is actually one of the chars who can handle Ammy somewhat. So I’ve started to try and start Wesker on point vs Ammy, but not much luck compared to my mag.

As a wolv wesk and doom player I think the best thing to do is pushblock it or dash back with two attack buttons and punish if it whiffs, super obviously works if ur fast enough and the person is being predictable but other weskers have tried and they fuck up the timing a lot or something. W/ doom he can cancel his divee kick that goes full screen but the one that goes almost straight down can’t be canceled until it connects. But ya a full screen dive kick is a free gunshot. H projectile counter works well if ur in range against beams but sj gun seems to work really well against doom also. Against trish I just try to keep her out with sj gun.

I was mainly talking about the Herp Derp Dive kicks of Wolverine and Trish really…

wolvie, rhino charge owns his dive kick. you can prolly kill him off it too.

trish, I wouldn’t risk it, she can cancel it. just stay out of the way if you can.

its very easy to rhino charge wolverine but ammy is hard to fight against your atks will miss and you’ll end up in the 6 hit atk

So, to bump this thread along, who would you say is Weskers Worst 1 on 1 matchup
I have
Ammy in that order

I’m actually starting to think Wesker has serious trouble keeping characters out while trying to mount an offense. He doesn’t have a gtfo move like Dante’s hammer or a “Stop mashing buttons” move like Wolvie’s divekick (both these moves get around 700k with one meter and no assists). All he has to work with is air Gunshots and teleport stalling which is near to nothing damage.

He has to start an offense with his normals, and without an assist, Trish and Wolvie’s divekicks will eat him alive. As of now I’m sure Wolverine is his worst matchup. I won’t even say anything about Berzerker Slash because that just beats everything anyone does. Wesker has no trouble stalling against trish though.

Wesker - Phoenix is a terrible matchup as he has no means to approach at all once a H fireball is out. He just has to stall with air teleports, but once traps are out it makes it so much harder. Maximum Wesker can catch her before she shoots a fireball but it just doesn’t do enough damage and she’ll usually be at the corner of the screen which only get you about 9 hits. If he’s successful stalling against Dark Phoenix, he doesn’t have a move that can chip her as well as Akuma or Dormammu.

I don’t think Zero is much of a problem without an Assist because much like Tron, his approach is aerial H which air jab will beat 90% of the time. His crossup move doesn’t attack like Wolverine’s so you can pushblock him all day. As for Ammy, you just have to respect her ground normals. I haven’t had too much experience in the matchup but I don’t think Ammy’s fast enough to give Wesker too much trouble. Make her apporach from the air and you should be good.

Any other bad matchups I’m missing?

I don’t like the Magneto matchup at all either. Once Magneto gets in close range his tri jumps are such a bitch. I feel like the only way I beat good Magnetos is if I catch them with a Gunshot when they are incoming and teleport over combo, smackdown, OTG mixup.

Weskers matchups are weird because even though I do feel a lot of the better characters can blow him up, his insane health pretty much negates the badness. Like I feel a lot of 6-4 7-3 matchups pretty much become 5-5 because of his health.

But yea I was thinking the other day about why Wesker always seems so Godlike on streams and what not… Wesker is like the running back of the team. The offensive line does the work and he gets the glory.

I noticed that most of the time i see a Wesker come in i off a Magneto/Dante/Storm DHC start where he cleans up all the kill. Those characters are doing all the work and Wesker comes in for a herp derp Sam Edge into combo dead.

Then the next character comes in and has the pleasure of facing Wesker’s really good incoming mixups.

Then you have level 3 X factor Wesker which is pretty laughable TBH. So stupid and broken. Cr MHS, Air MHS = death… lol something a random Call of Duty player could probably do.

Not trying to make Wesker sound bad lol because h obviously is one of the better characters in the game. But I do feel like he is the cleans up a lot of the hard work by other characters so it seems like he is way more Godlike than he actually is.

But IMO his bad matchups are


I feel like Wolverine, Phoenix, and Trish are probably his worst though. I think believe it or not IRON MAN might be a bad matchup for him. I think that his Magneto-esque tri jump rush down gives Wesker fits and that Repulsor Blast blows up predictable teleports. It is mostly theory but as I am slowly learning Iron Man I don’t really feel I am at a disadvantage with him againse Wesker.

So yea IMO Wesker is Godlike because he DHC’s into something after another character does all the work, finishes that character off, then has a fun left/right mixup for the next incoming character and then gets a hit, 1 mixup another dead character, rinse and repeat for the last one. So basically Wesker is always put into a great position where he can shine. Straight up matchups though I do think Wesker is the big dog at the top that gets blown up by a few more top dogs.

Wesker also bodies the lower characters a lot more than other high ones because of his high health. Any lower tier character can make a good guess on Magneto and can kill him off because of the low health. They need to make 2 or 3 on Wesker when Wesker really only needs 1 into the chain of mixup death loop lol