The Waterbury Tournament aka Project Esco

Ok here we go…The Waterbury Tournament will be on Sunday March 6th 2011, at my studio at 23 Framingham Dr Waterbury CT 06705
Framingham Dr is right of Rt69/Woodtick rd next to the Walmart plaza NOT IN THE WATMART PLAZA again NOT. Framingham dr. is to your right if you aregoing north on RT69… if you get to Wolcott St. you have gone a lil too far. The front of the Plaza is on Rt69/Woodtick Rd and my studio is on the back… next to the porn shop lol if you see the Adult Video Stor sign your there. if your lost just call me.
Ok now for the Tournament rules… the Tournament will HOPEFULLY start at 3PM but i will be there setting up at 12pm so if you want to come in at 1pm for casual you can… But you have to be on time for sign ups and Sign ups will start at 2:30. the Game will be
MVC3 (yeah like you guys didnt know :P)and there will maybe be a SSF4 Tourny after the MVC3 Tourney. $5.00 venue fee 10.00 per game pay out will be 70/20/10 simple easy like Geico. matches will be 2 out of 3 matches… winner keeps same team. Loser/Winners finals will be a best of 5 match… Grand finals will be 1 best of 5 if someone that is undefeated wins . if not there will be another best of 5 match if the undefeated player takes a lose in the finals.
BRING YOUR STICKS!!! the tournament will be on both xbox360 and PS3 and on lagless monitors. if you want to bring a station for casuals you can… if you want to record or stream you are more than welcome…there is drinking water(save your cups)at the studio but if you want to eat please eat in the lobby … more info to come
any question call me 203-525-9612 hope to see you all:nunchuck:


Interesting prospect, but the post could use some cleaning up.

I’m having a hard time making heads or tails of that information.

Hey this sounds great… I might make it out for this :slight_smile:

@Iron I’ll fix it up for you sir. I was just wasted when I wrote it :stuck_out_tongue:
Location: 23 Framingham Dr Waterbury Ct 06705. Its my dance studio next to the pornshop on the lower level.

Game: MVC3 and maybe SSF4. I will start the tourname t for mvc3 at 3pm but I will be setting up early so if people want to come at 1pm for stick testi g and casuals u can. $5.00 venue and $10.00 a game. Pay out is 70/20/10. Matches will be best of 3 finals will be best of 5. Grand finals maybe one best of 5 match if top player is undefeated. If not it will be 2 best of 5. BRING YOUR STICKS game will be on both PS3 and 360 and lagless monitors. If u want to bring a station for casual u can’t. If u want to record or stream u can.

Anymore questions call me 203-525-9612

Error… U CAN bring a station for casual. I fucking hate IPhone spell check.

Do you need me to bring a setup/setups for this Esco?

I have a full ps3 set up on HD. No lag. and I can also bring a full 360 set up on a small standard TV. :slight_smile:

I will let you know by Thursday…i may not need it…but for casual it would be cool …

I’ll be going also, barring anything unforeseen. Should be fun like always, hopefully the ssf4 tourney does go down also.

I might be in there. I’d be down to play both MvC3 and SSFIV.

Esco, did you end up getting the Alienware OptX AW2210 monitors? (Those are the ones that were used at Evo 2010.) I got one myself, and they are awesome.

@Dont Jump… Im good with the stations but if you want to bring it its cool… but i wont need to for the tourny
@Blue…yeah i got the Alienware… and Skillz and Craig Keller have that ASUS… we are good to go…for Sunday

Ok I will be setting up at 1pm instead of 12pm because the floor is in use until 12:30pm so if any one shows up at 1pm its more than welcome to play and help set up wink wink.
again question call me 203-525-9612 and
I will be at PF this friday so i hope to see most of you there

Hope to see you all at my tourny tomorrow

Location: LGJ Performing Arts Center, 23 Framingham Dr. Waterbury Ct 06705, Lowerlevel. ( Next to the Adult video Store, look for the video store sign)

Game: Marvel Vs Capcom 3. on both xbox and ps3… there will be Lagless monitors…bring your sticks please. $5.00 venue fee $10.00 per game. Matches will be 2 out of 3 and loser finals will be one best of 5 match.

Time: Tournament will HOPEFULLY start at 3pm. sign ups start at 2:30pm I will be there to set up at around 12:30pm so if you want to come down and have casual its cool.

Parking: You can park in front of the studio but please be mindful that we share parking with the videostore so try to leave atleast one free space. You can always park on the top lot facing the street which is for everyone for everyone.

Other Stuff: If you want to record you are welcome. If you want to stream you are also welcome, I have internet. If you want to bring a set up for casuals you are also welcome. Any one has questions please call me 203-525-9612:china:

Hope to see you guys there.

waits for bluenine to complain about the .0000000000000000000002ns of lag on the ASUS

:wink: <3