The Wall (Overthinking, execution)

So, I feel like I’ve hit a wall with my good friend Cody. For someone with a new job, a new house, and a wedding coming up, my play is limited to a few times a week, online ranked. Few months ago best I could get was about 2000 PP, 5000 BP. Hit a wall and can’t seem to get past 1400/3800 now. After a particularly rough stretch, pretty sure my PP is below 1000 at this point.

ANYWAY. I’m starting to think my problem now is overthinking - that I’m too aggressive trying to get in, and just trying to frame trap to death once I get in instead of using my reads and reacting accordingly. I played a decent Gen in a few matches not too long ago - it was a pain to get in, and when I did, I feel like he could read every attempt to break him down via F+MP, throw, or overhead. It almost felt like by the time I was able to start my game, I already lost half my life.

For the first time since Super was released, I’m contemplating moving to a new character - if only for fresh perspective that maybe I can translate back into a better gameplan with Cody again. Right now whenever I haven’t played Cody, I’ve messed around with Dan, just because think he’s a lot of fun (and rewarding when you can actually win) and my top choice for a new main is probably Gouken or Poison. I haven’t decided. Gouken so that I can start fresh with a character who excels in zoning, or Poison because she just has a lot of options.

I suppose my general question is - when you hit that wall with Cody, how do you start to analyze where the mistakes are coming from? I know the main problem is not the character, it’s the player…but is it a matter of just walking away and coming back? Or is there a mantra you can tell yourself to right the ship?

Thanks for listening to me vent!

responding to this in the critique my Cody thread (which is kind of where it belongs): "You can do better than that!" Critique my Cody!

What helped me was to play a local friend in a lot of matches. Learned new tricks because he could stop my old ones. Forced me to learn. My Cody is new and ass tbh, but after this weekend I feel a lot better about it. Also it does help to sometimes take a break from a character to get your head back in line. Sometimes you just hit a run and get stuck in doing the same things even if they’re not working because they always worked before. If ur on xbl add me up for some matches. I can help. I’m better at coaching than playing lol. LordFlopyRoostr on xbl

I found a couple pretty nasty frame traps this weekend that kept hitting everyone a lot.