The Virtua Fighter 5:R thread... It's in Japanese arcades!

I can’t belive there isn’t a thread for this. Have you guys seen some of the new stuff your favorite characters are getting? Have you peeped the 2 new (kinda) guys? Peep the madness! <-- The most awesome wall grab in any game is displayed here. You may piss you pants after seeing it.

[media=youtube]wu3UhxxAGvA[/media] <— Kage’s new throw at 1:12 <— scroll down for like 8 Sarah vids. She’s so buff now. Get crunk Sarah players! <-- Jean vs Lion

[media=youtube]DFz5WdHR-fA[/media] <— Jean vs Brad <— Jean vs Aoi. You get to see some of Aoi’s new shit. She’s been beefed up too.

[media=youtube]o54DFSBF5uE&feature=related[/media] <— Aoi vs Blaze

[media=youtube]IvN5FQ607cI&NR=1[/media] <-- Aoi vs Takarashi you get to see the new side block here. <— Akira vs Takarashi. New stage.

This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN saying:

The wall/cage is REALLY close in on that stage Akira and Taka are fighting in.

i see sarah has two extensions to her mid knee move making it more threatening instead of subliminal, i like her stance aswell instead of constantly bouncing (all games are doing this now since tekken 6 started)

the side blocking looks interesting…

i wanna play vf now.

From the videos I’ve watched on youtube, they pretty much re-arranged Wolf’s throws. His Ogre Chop into Burning Hammer for example, the Burning Hammer is now a single throw. The game looks tight and I can’t wait to see what they have planned for my favorite VF character Wolf.

Swordsman, you living in Colorado now?

Final Loke test info
Shun info <3 <3 <3. thx to sekaijin
From VFDC. Credit goes to Myke

Lucha Pochitona the most gangster El Blaze player

wolf Stage is so gangster right now, <3 customization

Aoi looks fuckin sick. She is even trickier than she was before, and seem to be able to cancel more of her movements. And on top of that, she appears to have a stagger throw. Seems like you don’t have to work for damage as much as you did in the past. Definitely going to pick this one up on PS3

It looks like characters are going to have different throw animations because of his weight. I wonder if they’ll also make it apply to characters like Jeffry and Wolf too. That’d be a hella weird disadvantage for certain characters if they had to lose some throw mixup or throw damage (Like Eileen’s spinny throw, how would that work out?) I still think it’s an awesome idea, though.

Consider me hyped.

Fuckin’ dope.

I’m sold.


But it’s just an apartment.

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I need to find some of the movelists and stuff. Aoi’s offense looks killer now. She’s got a sweep, a guard stun, and a throw out of her backturned YY stance.

I love VF as much as any VF fan/player but is this even getting a console/PC release?

The first VF5 left me a little cold, but I gotta say VF5:R looks fantastic. Might have to get me a 360 or PS3 if it gets ported.

Hasn’t been confirmed for a console release (I believe that the arcade version is suppose to be out in July) but I would be surprised if it doesn’t come out for the PS3.

Heads will roll if it is an arcade only release.

My girl Aoi!!!:lovin::lovin::lovin:

This better get a PS3 release…

I hope there is a PS3 release…I want to get into Virtua Fighter, but I don’t want to play a subpar version of the game

I can’t believe how good it looks. I’ve been a fan of the series, to at least some degree, ever since it started and I have never ever been so excited about it before.

Hooooly cow I hope this thing gets a console port.

i think i’ll reserve judgement till i see what ( if there is one) a port is saying, if it’s anything like the vf5 port then i’ll think i’ll just fuck it right off

also what the fuck are the disadvantages of playing taka, he moves as fast as wolf but cannot get juggled, but can combo like a beast, puzzling

Man, you should play with us homie. You going to school up at UNC or something? It’s kind of a drive either way, roughly 50 min or so, but for tournies and big gatherings it’d be worth it.

VF5 R looks to be the absolute truth. We’ve been talking and the more we analyze it, the more it seems 5 was just one, big, giant beta test lol. And R has been in the plans for awhile now.

Just keep those fingers crossed for a console release.

I live in Greeley but I work in Wyoming at F E Warren AFB. I work 24hr shifts but I get 3 days off every 2 weeks but I usually go see my wife and kids in UT when I get those 3 days off. I’m never doing anything on my days off though, so if it ain’t too far a drive, I’m down for some gaming.

A big beta test? Not with Blaze and Eileen being added in 5. This just seems to be how VF does things. They have revisions to their stuff and unlike Namco they don’t have another fighting game to test stuff with like Tekken and Soul Calibur.

I don’t see why it wouldn’t be released stateside.

This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN saying:

Taka doesn’t look THAT fast. I also haven’t seen much out of him defensively. One would also this he doesn’t have that many kick strings so punch reversals and sabakis would stop his offense pretty well.

I just hope it’s faster than VF5. Even compared to FT where movement got nerfed, VF5 has like a fraction of the pace of VF4 because of how they changed the throw system/clashes.

BTW Wolf’s stage is cool.