The Villains Consortium Sign Up Thread

The Villains Consortium is taking avatar requests from SRKers. Ask for a Villains Consortium Avatar and you shall recive it along with a membership to The Villains Consortium.

It’s Arcade - 16 bit and everything in between. Pretty much is it’s 2D and it’s a villain, I’ll do it.

The following avatars are taken and are only shown as examples. Please do not “borrow” the avatars regardless of how entretaining the unfolding drama might be.








Welcoming Member Phae in to the fold. This is the avatar she didn’t go with. Slowly we grow in numbers, we will exist as long as there is evil in the hearts of men!

hey, can i get an av of Golbez from FFIV?

i got two links for rips.

villains > all

Working on it.

Sigh* I should had asked. Can you use vertical avatars in SRK?

Edit: Foiled! Oh well, look at how pretty it is and wait till I get some sleep. It will be done before tomorrow ends.

Welcome to the Villains Consortium. Be proud, kick hero butt and be deliciously evil.

Remember that part when Golbez is kicking ass and taking names when takes control of the Red Wings? I’d like to call this avatar, burn EVERYTHING!

The Villains Consortium is happy to announce the addition of animation to our menu of avatar and the annexation of the common wealth of 16-bit and Arcade Villains. Please keep that in mind when choosing your new avatar. - The Villains Consortium.

Just popping in to say hello!

If anyone needs help finding sprite resources, or that special something for their avatar, let me know. One of my favorite places to pick up sprites is @, they haven’t really done me wrong yet.

I’m honored to be a part of the Consortium… and don’t worry, now that I have access to 16 bit villains, I’m even more bananas, because figuring out who I want was a little harder… but i settled on the boss i love almost as much as Kefka… :slight_smile:

Um, Boss, can you make me an avatar with this? Thaaanks.

I’m not anyone’s boss.

thnx looks good :slight_smile:

You’re the founder, though! :slight_smile:

No prob, I might touch it up tonight.

Phae: Well I woke up super tired and just quickly looked at this thread and saw you post. All I remember thinking was " That sounds like responsability. No. " I think I meant to say that since we are a Consortium the Villains make decisions as a group. I’m making a Donkey Kong and a Goomba avatar for grabs because no one is going to ask for one anyways.

Working on it.

Oh, definately.

Heehee goombas!

I miss the thinking out loud thread, don’t you?

I’m not super happy with the results. I’m actually happier with the golbez avatar than I’m with this, and I worked way harder on this one. Will work on it later.

Edit: Bad Timing on Avatar.

lol wut a cool idea make me one with these

I think Zeromus is called already man, I’ll whip something neat for you though. Ha, I should call thie thread the ff4 avatar thread.

Zeromus is called by YOURS TRULY. You can use Zemus still, though… i think. Or just be cool and go for Exdeath. We can snag someone else and make him get a kefka avatar…

and then we can be the Final Fantasy Villains.

Edit: Fuck. It’s too big.

Drop the animation maybe?

Here you go.

Yeah Dude, I highly recommend you go for some one else. I’ll still do Zemus if you want but there are SO many other cool Villains out there to choose from. Like the ghost from pacman or the Knights from A Link to the Past.

What do I look like a hero to you or something? V-I-L-L-A-I-N. I only help other Villains in this thread. Go ask somewhere else. The Villains Consortium disaproves of you tread jacking.

Edit: A Locke Avatar! Out of this thread NOW!