The Video Thread

We have threads pop up every single day that show off some video from or some random ass video site. It’s getting ridiculous. So put them all here.

Post all your random videos here.

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mario 64 beaten in 16 minutes

Log in? Sign up? Fuck that shit, already seen it beat in 20.

You don’t need to sign up to view videos. Least, last I checked you didn’t.

Blah for some reason the mario video was flagged for content. Now you have to sighn up to verefy that your over 18 to view it. Thus marking the end of you tube. RIP you tube ;_;. Lazy people around the world will not stand for this…seriously. any other good hosting site out there?

google video

:rofl: wtf?

You’ve probably already seen these but whatever, I’ll post them anyway.

[media=youtube]COIvThlpPHY[/media] - Korean fan film
[media=youtube]cvOSAko859k[/media] - VR Ride

Both SF related.

Tattood ‘‘toughguy’’ gets pummeled

Best battle of the year show that i’ve ever seen. The choreography is amazing.
Kimbo vs ganon(?) (prolly old)

ive never seen these… wow

the intro music in the first one rocks

Random Mexican Doing Urien’s Knee Drop. Classic!

:rofl: It’s always funny when I see real fights that have Street Fighter moves in them.

It’s alway NOT funny when I see someone beat up on an unconscious body.

WOO! I can beat on a dead cat!! I’m HARD!!

Jackie Chan VS Benny “The Jet” Urquidez in “Wheels on Meals”


probably best breakdance battle ever

junior vs sonic


I was willing to make an exception for that unconscious body. I lolled.


LOL, That was really funny.

i feel no remorse for the guy, the mexican went a little extra to beat some sense into the guy, he wont think “argh i lost that fight but its ok it was only 1 hit, im still badass” its “fuck, i felt trapped, couldnt do shit, i thought i was gonna die :sad: i wont fuck around no more”.

that street fighter ride is shit :rofl: