The Unofficial `Official’ NCR Arcade ST tourney @Nov 20-21 Embassy Suites Milpitas

So I have been talking to DGV since SBR about strengthening SF2 on the west coast.

We decided to organize a supergun cps2 ST tourney @ NCR (supergun because people want to use their own stick anyway and it is also easier to setup).

Entry fee is $10

Official NCR thread here and also here.

I?ll have two setups and DGV will bring one.

Streaming provided by mizuki on pool station 1 (casual + pool)

I asked John Choi and he agreed (read below for some interesting tidbits about choi :slight_smile:

It is not going to be official in the sense that there is no sign up from the NCR registration site.

But it is not a complete side tourney since we?re going to stream it! :lovin:

But we need help.

  1. We need your support. We need people to sign up for this. We need everyone who enjoy SF2, ST to sign up.

  2. We need help with equipments. We?ll have superguns and ST boards.
    If you have psx extension code, please bring them. We also don?t have enough loaner PS2 sticks.

My plan is to have this run right after HDR pool and not to compete with HDR tourney.

People that play both should enjoy both and have double the fun @ NCR since there are TWO SF2 tourney instead of one (or zero for other games).

Since this should be a different experience than the HDR tourney, I?m planning to run

Starcup solo 3vs3 team tourney, you pick 3 characters (duplicates ok) and specify the order and have to stick with it.

Payout will be 70%, 30%

[ The following are not confirmed and will solely based on feedback from you guys that plan to enter :

After the tourney, we may have a quick East vs West japanese style team tourney for fun.
Here’re the possibilities:

  1. Divide by age group : young team vs adult team

  2. Locals vs out of towners

  3. Two captains picking members one by one

And after that, if we still have time and top players around (or there are enough replies in this thread), we can run a quick 8 man high stakes $50, $100 tourney for added excitment!

And then we can run a 2vs2 team tourney

So, please reply if

  1. You are interested to enter

  2. If you have a PSX/PS2 extension cord / stick and willing to lend to people who don?t have it (and please specify what stick and buttons you have)

  3. If you are interested @ east vs west battle or high stake 8 man tourney

So, how’s the plan? At the very least, we?ll try to have 4 setups for casual play so there will be a lot of fun.

Remember, double the SF2, double the fun :woot:

Q & A:

Q: Do I need to pay the NCR registration fee ($35 early bird/$40 online/ $50 onsite) if I only plan to enter ST tourney?

A: NCR charges a $10 fee to use the BYOC area. (if you enter any official tourney, you are waived)

**papasi **- Ken, Sim, Ken
**DGV **- Ryu x 3 (evo 2010 2nd place)
John Choi - Ryu x 3 (or o. sagat ?) (our reigning ST EVO champion, last ST was 2008, also b4,b5,02,03,04,06,07,09 top 8)
MonGoloRoboKop O.Chun, O.Ken, Chun
6 unnamed killers (MonGoloRoboKop please ask them to reply or give me the names)
ST Playeh
ultracombo N.Ryu, O.Sagat, N.Sagat
DNGR S PAPERCUT n. hawk, o. ryu, o. hawk.
**Buktooth via PM (evo 05 top 8)
Mizuki Guile, O.Ken, O.Hawk
Shinobi Master
Jason Cole (evo b5, 02 champion, b4, 03,05,10 top 8)
moocus n.ken, n.boxer, n.fei
** shinobi00
Claw Cammy Claw
Phobos O. Ken N.ken
alex valle
bitkid Ryu, O.Ken, Chunz
Tyram: Claw
SaikyoStudent: Chun, Ryu, Chun
**tastylumpia **: O.Sagat, Ryu, Claw
**Chrisis ** Boxer Guile Boxer
elcubanoloco Claw, Ryu, Claw
sait0u Boxer, DJ, Boxer
moe wifi

expressed interests:


I asked John Choi for permission to post this:

I’m totally down for this I can add about 6 players to the ST tournament and i have about two tekken 5 ps2 sticks that i can bring let me know for any other things i can try and bring

Oh and for socal if you make it you know i can bring people for that as well im the organizer for the HD ranbat over here so it would be a great idea!!


Papasi is doing the SF2 scene a great service by being proactive. This is a great opportunity to expand the current SF2 landscape by merging the ST and HDR community. Getting more SF2 to be played at a major and getting additional stream time, is ultimately beneficial for all SF2 players. Hopefully everyone in Cali will do their best to attend this event, and we would certainly welcome any midwest/east coast players that can make it out to this event.

This is good stuff

I’ll enter and be sure to spread the word to others.

Any way to get this thread cross-posted into Pac North?

Christmas came early…

I will be at both SCR and NCR, happy and willing to play Super Turbo. Any of the mentioned formats sound great to me (though I dunno if I’d participate in the high-stakes tournament, been attending a LOT of tournaments this year and it’s cost me a ton of money).

The only PS2 stick I have is custom-made with a Happ competition joystick and Sanwa buttons in the Japanese, curved layout.

The 2vs2 style is what i would prefer team tournaments are always nuts! and cool that you will be at SCR Fudd

I am going to try and make this.

It is as Dark Gaiden has said. Mad props to papasi.

I actually will try to see if i can make this event. I would be honored to help out anyway that i can. Only thing is cost for trip as well as hotel rooms and of course work lol. Only time will tell though. Even though i’m not in the west coast, Big thanks to Papasi and DG for doing this event as i know it will be great. Take care.

I’ll be on the adult team, you know, where 97% of the players are… :smiley:

Otherwise, sounds dope. Count me in.

You can count me in for this as well as ST Playeh(he does not have a srk account yet), count him in 2.

Excellent work, papasi. Now it’s up to regional ST players to represent, including all the GGPO and OG players (and even adventurous HDR players who want to see what the fuss is all about). This is a golden opportunity for folks to make a statement.

Papasi you da man. Count me in!

I’m going to both. ST is fine with me. Where do I sign up?

A 2v2 tournament would be cool I think as well. I always enjoy 2v2 tournaments maybe it cuz I can hope that my counter matches ROG can be taken care of by someone else… but thats just wishful thinking, I might try and get out of all the school work I have and come to this is someone from the Bay area can give me a ride…

You just did :slight_smile:

I’ll collect the entry fee on site.

Bracket will be made a day in advance and posted here.

You don’t need to sign up for the 10+ vs 10+ team tourney.

Whoever is still around that area after the tourney will automatic enter.

The high stake 8 men tourney will be decided here if there are at least 8 people express interests.

If you live in bay area and play both HDR & ST and don’t go to NCR for whatever bs school work excuses you have, I don’t know what to tell you :slight_smile: