The Ultimate Hayato Combo!

hmmmmnnnnnn…i’ve seen a person use a combo with hayato which can kill almost anyone. It includes a plasma field and a B.Hayato ATK too. Can anyone explain how it’s done.

Thanks :wgrin:

YO DO you have a video for this thread ?

ohhhh… i do? I forgot all about that. Thanks for reminding me :slight_smile:

EDIT: i’ve seen the thread, but can someone tell me how the last part is done.

i dunno if your talkin about my the vids that i posted, but there are a couple of ways to do it:
at or near corner: combo( i usually use lk,lk, f+hp, b+hp,lp,hp,hp)then shiden (both hits) then immediately cancel into plasma field. then you land, and do qcf+lp,hp, back, lk, hk. this one is easier, but they can roll out of it.
if you want this combo, but with the capability of doing it without them able to roll, then after the first part of the combo, do guren(the uppercut) and after the first two hits cancel into plasma field. once you land, the motion i use is,lp,hp,back,lk,hk, as quickly as possible, cuz if doesnt do it fast enough, the will hit, then a standing hp will come out instead of the black hayato

another way is: in the corner: b+lp,lp,lp,hk,lp, pause, c.hp, sj.magic series ending with guren and at the second hit cancel into the plasma field. from there, go into the method mentioned above…i have a strange feeling of dejavu, like i’ve already written this…but anyway, i hope this helped you

Ypu, It’s u’r vid im talking about. I was really suprised when u did the combo and the great come-back. Thanks for explaining it SS :slight_smile: