The Ultimate Gen Trivia!

Question 1: What ailment is Gen suffering from?
a. Cancer
b. Lukemia
c. Ulcer

Question 2: Gen taught Yun and Yang kung fu?
a. True
b. False

Question 3: What events lead to Gen’s arcade mode opening movie?

Question 4: According to UDON Gen has fought Akuma twice, what was the outcome of both battles?

Question 5: In the UDON comics Ryu sought out Gen for what reason?

If you have more trivia questions feel free to include them. I will update the post by the end of the day with the answers. :slight_smile: Have fun!

Which arcade opening? Vanilla has a different one from AE. Vanilla was that sequence with Gen fighting those gangsters and AE is with Gen standing midst the hateful dead.

1b (tricky, haha)
3 See above.
4 and 5: Idk, didn’t read those. :slight_smile:

I meant AE opening. For 4 and 5 here are the answers. Gen beat Akuma the first time due to Akuma not yet mastering the satsui no hado, 2nd match was a draw, Akuma refused to fight when he realized Gen was ill. Ryu sought Gen to figure out how to beat Akuma and Gen told him that he must be willing to kill Akuma and not hold back in order to beat him.

You got the other questions right, awaiting no3 answer

I don’t know. ^^’ Tell me, I’m curious.

if you recall in Vanilla opening Gen said he always kept an eye on chun li even though from a distance, no chun li ending shows her meeting up with Vega and vega locking her up in a room, now there was an explosion caused by the whole SIN base crumbling, as the roof was about to come down on Chun Gen somehow got in and shielded her and both of them got knocked out cold, now thats why Gen had that dream in AE beginning, when he said that he will not allow them to touch him he woke up and tossed the debris with his chakra flowing (ending Vanilla) on his way out of the base (so chun li wont see him) he saw the fight between gouki and gouken and decided that his own fight is still to come and STILL refusing to die.