The UIC Thread

I figured that with the new school year starting it would be good to create a thread where all the UIC people can get our names out there. Hopefully meet up on campus and get something going. The campus has a lot of unused space on weekends. At the very least we can all share gamertags and get to know each other.

Basically, anyone going to or near UIC should post in this thread.

You should open this up to other school that are in the loop. I actually go to DePaul but I live not even 2 blocks away from UIC. I’d be down easily for a few matches. Last year me and a few friends usually played in the top floor of the dorms since they have a big ol tv up there.

That sounds good. I’ll try to edit the title. Hopefully more people start replying so we can get a group going.

Edit: I was unable to change the title.

So, are there players or events at UIC?

I am at uic. Play SSFIV and SFXT on PSN

There is a club at UIC that meets on Tuesdays from 5 pm to 9 pm. I know the guy running it, but he hasn’t given me all the details yet. I know that they are somewhere near student center east.

Is there any more information about gatherings at UIC? I am a prospective student and would be interested in attending these events.