The two eras for Street Fighter games: "original era" and "revival era"

**For those of you who have been saying “I thought Street Fighter 3 was the last SF (for Street Fighter) game for Capcom!”, allow me to clear up the confusion. SF has an “original era” and a “revival era”. The original era began in 1987, when SF1 became available to the public. This era ended when Capcom stopped producing SF3:3S arcade cabinets in 1999/2000. During that time, Capcom decided not to make anymore SF games, and it would not change its decision until around 2004 or 2006, when convinced by Yoshinori Ono. The revival era (2008-present) began with the release of SF4. You can choose to acknowledge or ignore the “revival era” SF games.

So anyway,

“Original Era” SF:

  1. SF1
  2. SF2 series
  3. SFA series
  4. SF3 series

“Revival Era” SF (as of 8/16/2016):

  1. SF4 series
  2. SF5

Just telling the public what they need to know.**