The truth about DarksydePhil - Rufus IRL

One of the biggest video blogger on youtube. He posts all kind of stuff, game walkthroughs etc, so I bet everyone recognize this man, anyway.

Just made a video showing and proving that DSP (Darksydephil) AKA kingofhatehd is Rufus IRL (In real life). I made it myself in photoshop and edited it all in Vegas Pro 9.


Hope you find it humorous.

Video forum…and stop pimping your scares.

post the video where you show how to cheat on sf4

Ehhh I don’t think a video of a photoshop image was necessary. I was expecting something more creative with him animated as Rufus or something.

Wasn’t funny at all

What a waste of time. Ours for watching, and yours for actually making that pos.

The only thing funny is that he wasted his time making that nonsense.

SG level video editing

So…does this mean he can dive kick? I’ve always wondered how people do that.

how pathetic of you making that video. you must be secretly in love with him after staring at his pic during editing

You must be really bored now that there are no matches in SG, huh?