The tossed salad man is very real!

Ok, I’m sure you all remeber this skit by Chris Rock.

I really thought that he made this up for the sake of the joke. But I just found out that the tossed salad man is very real.

I wanted to see the HBO jail special when he told that joke. Now that I see it’s real, I really want to see the HBO jail special.:sweat:


^Lol I was about to post this

Salad Toss Man is one of the funniest things I have ever seen in my life
he is mad hard and gangsta about it!

Everyone in my family was just dumbfounded while I was on the floor laughing

I love when he says “It’s like a pussy, except it’s not a pussy cuz the asshole is clean”

I’m sure whomever was interviewing him there mouthes were on the floor

Noo… I don’t wanna toss the salad… :rofl:

I’ll learn to read!

Nice find man.