The Torchlight 2 thread

Torchlight 2 - Runic Games

  • Refined, which is stellar because the first game was pretty fucking crisp like Santana Champagne.

  • Still modable like the first game.

  • Still has pets, and if they’re anything like the first game they’ll be the awesomest awesome pets that ever awesomed.

  • ONLINE, CO-OP MULTIPLAYER! :wow: Anyone who played the original knows this was the only thing it was really missing.

  • I suspect Dr. B traded the formula to Runic Games somehow.

EDIT - Modded thread title on request, though honestly I haven’t bought or played the game so don’t count on me for updates. Making a new thread may be in order.

Saw this yesterday. Psyched to see the multiplayer option. I know they are developing an MMO too, I wonder if this sequel was origionaly planned or if they need more money for other projects?

We’ll probably get the MMO before D3 comes out. Blizzard has been pissing me off, I always supported them in the past but didn’t buy SC2 because of all the bs, especially region lock.

Get hype.

Definitely getting this when it’s out. First game needed multiplayer badly.

Torchlight 2? Fuck yes.

My cousin told me about this and I’ve been really wanting to sink my teeth into some fun diablo like action. Is it good?

w00000rd, i got like 100 hours in the first one lol get hype haha

I’m pretty late to the Torchlight bandwagon, but I enjoyed what I played of the first one. Probably just wait and see if I can grab this one for 5 bucks on a random Steam sale too though, lol.

Of course my computer barely runs the first one, so we’ll see if I can even get a new computer sometime in my life.

I was kinda late too, but I enjoyed Torchlight and was happy when I read the news about the sequel yesterday.

I bought Torchlight at the full 20 dollar price. Never regretted it.

So this game is pretty bomb. Any tips on what to do with the Alchemist?

I will definitely check this out, I hope the next game has more character classes though.

Laser beam! (I forget the name, but you can see it’s a laser beam)


If I remember correctly, upgrading weapons and equipment was pretty damn broken in the first one.

Also, can you respec? That’s the only thing that stopped me from playing Diablo 2 more; if I messed up, everything was stuck messed up (having to level the same class multiple times to try different things was a huge drag too).

Finally, a Diablo like RPG with no monthly payments. The MMO said it won’t have online payments either, but it’s a different game than this one. I gotta see where they’re going with the whole series before I make a purchase.

Not by default, but the beauty of Torchlight is that you can add shit like this via mods!

For instance, here’s a mod that adds Respec Potions to a vendor in town: Respec Mod - Torchlight Insider Forums

B for Believe
B for Believable
B for Believability
The B in Dr. B is all things good.

Meh, Torchlight was fun for about the first 3 hours… haven’t touched it since. Very, very bland game, also throwing legendary items in my face every 4 seconds with no challenge ain’t doing it for me. Lacks soul.

Respec potions? that is fucking godlike. That means I’m gonna have a lot of fun with this game.

FlameAngelZ: Diablo 2 threw a bunch of shit at you or you could do silly stuff like “set players _” and get more names on your weapons than a phone book has smiths. I played the other game they made that you can find on the HP computers “Fate”: FATE Free Game Download - HP Games. Its pretty fun, you customize your character to be what you want it to be; the game doesn’t have any classes.

I don’t see the point of your post… I never said anything about weapon names. And no, D2 didn’t throw shit at you. Also D2 is like a decade old. Torchlight 2 will be compared to Diablo 3, which will blow T2 out of the water.

Diablo 3 is still gonna blow it out of the water, but I’ll look up Torchlight 2 later.