The Thundercats thread

Discuss the new show here.
Here’s a quick review of the first ep-
Might contain spoilers so be forwarned, but here’s an interesting excrept from it-


They had me at"justice league"lol. Im very excited to see what this show has in store since there has been a tremendous absence in quality animated programming since JLU has been off the air.Granted we have seen a few of them in the last couple of years but I really do hope this 1 sticks around for more then just a season, if all goes well we could have another 90’s era quality animated series in our hands.

Although I’ve not watched the original 80s TC cartoon, I’m not pleased with Panthro’s new look…but he has a nunchuck…

Man, I hope they don’t pull a Friendship Is Magic on us: first hour-long ep all super-kickass and shit…and the later eps fairly mundane, but still good.

so has this show aired yet?

Less than 30 mins left. Gonna have to stop stream monstering for a bit, I guess

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Check out the first piece of tech Lion-O handles. Retro cool points if you recognize it.

Holy crap this is awesome already… it sounds like the original Lion-O voice actor is now voicing new Lion-O’s father! The father is also looking incredibly badass. Newbie Lion-O doesn’t have that level of swagger and Machismo™ yet.

Also, it appears this is a continuation of the old story? Third Earth seems more populated now.
*New Snarf is already better and less annoying than old Snarf.

haha, "Let’s find the Megacondenser…"
Of course, since this is starting off good… I’d bet money than CN will cancel it after 1 season.

why is the eye of thundara a longsword from the beginning :frowning:

and yeah this looks like a continuation they just toasted to a dead panthro?

It IS him. It’s a re-telling, since Mum-ra wasn’t even around on old Thundera. Lion-O’s father never knew of him. These females look familiar…they look like the chicks in Escaflowne. You got that right about Snarf. The fucker can’t talk. That makes him MILES better. And in this version, Lion-O and Tigra are brothers (although Tigra has accepted that he isn’t next in line to rule, apparently).

Does this story take place after they landed on “3rd earth” or is a new story line?

tigra is now lion-os older brother?

my man went hard for dat bell he rocket punched him

thanx bro

The other strange thing is that Jaga is alive here. New Cheetarah = still HOTTTTT.

*whoahhh Tigra still has the magic tricks. The great thing here is that in this modern era, obviously they will be able to get away with a lot more violent action scenes. The potential with this is off the charts. Hopefully Silverhawks will get resurrected too, based on the success of this.

tigra doin some dbz shit right there

cheetara is good argument for pro-furry

I love this show already!

they got snarf lookin like a pichu

:rofl: I was thinking “we got guilty until proven people in stockades about to be lynched, we got people running round with whips and torches…wait a second…does this take place in Mississippi now?”

Liking it just give me the old school sword transformation and lol at Lion-O being a techy!