The TGN thread: Modesto CA 209 THE TVs DON'T LAG!

What’s up everyone? You all know me and all that jazz. This thread will be used as a way to get the word out on a new Lan/gaming center in Modesto California. So it was decided that the next meet is in two weeks on a Saturday, I’ll give the date once the kinks are worked out. I also have a few pics to show what the front looks like and the room we were in if anyone is curious. More info/details to come later on today.

Best. Title. Ever.
But for real, you can just copy and paste the details from the 209late night whoopass thread into this :slight_smile:

real talk tho, im not tryna be a dick or a bitch or talk shit but we use to play on some laggy tv’s that you guys didnt know it was laggy. examples: knice labs and empire cafe. its cool if its all for funzies but im not a fish so i dont like to play under water. i dont wanna start any beef with anyone in 209 but knice’s tron, hate that bitch.

nah don’t these things aren’t laggy at all. The only way you’re going to feel lag on these things is if you hype up lag so much in your head that you start catching delay that doesn’t exist.

starkilled, you think i can carpool with you for the next gathering?

naw im not like that man. if im missing some easy combos or you jumping in for free because of the lag then imma say it lags.