The Tampa Thread: Our opinions are strong, but our drinks are stronger

New thread, I will be at serenity on Sunday again bringing that kof tech with me

What’s the January tournament schedule for CFL?

13th Modern Wubfare (please pre-reg at it makes bracketing much easier)
21st CEO Winterfest

Yo, eff ohsuplol! I went to Serenity early Tuesday to grind with him (all homo) in UMvC3, and dude never shows! Either it was because he knew Ian was gonna be there with his Zero/Wesker, or he was doing something last night that’d make him have to schedule an appointment at the clinic for some penicillin.

Really? A tourney on Friday 13th. I’m soooooo staying home!

I’ll try to make it to winterfest, I just gotta check to see what my housing situation is gonna look like. It’s only a 1-day event so people aren’t getting a hotel room, are they? Please keep me updated if anybody is staying in orlando for more than just that day.

Finally started playing ae/marvel again with the Bama crew, I was starting to think I’d never play again. :frowning:

fuck you marc

Lol nobody, ill let brandon handle my lightwork at sg. You know I only miss for good reasons :wink:
Yall bozos stay fr33333333333333


Marc, you know you can stay with me you old gay

sunday should be good…

what’s going on? I mean other than the fact that I will be there?

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Part of me wants to call kudos, part of me wants to call bs. I’m think I’m being generous by assuming you were stranded somewhere on second base. Inning over! LOL

Stay salty <3 Dont you live in Brandon? :wink:

[07:53] <iusedoom> kamano fromsarasota ?
[07:53] <kamano77> yep, that’s me
[07:54] <iusedoom> why you no tell me you plays the 3s
[07:54] <kamano77> who you be
[07:54] <iusedoom> only the best in florida baby
[08:01] iusedoom ( has left #kamano77

that’s about the least helpful way to identify yourself ever

someone help me out here

As a matter of fact I do not. I keep telling people I live in Tampa, and not Brandon. I am close to Brandon, though. But I’m also close to Palm River. I suppose if one can say I live in Brandon, then it could be said that I live in the river as well.

Of course you should be aware that I’m just giving you shit. Clearwater, St. Pete, Largo, Pinellas, Brandon, Valrico, Temple Terrace, Riverview, and Town & Country are some of the towns to be considered part of Tampa. I assure you, no one makes the mistake of calling Sarasota a part of Tampa

I basically don’t bother telling people who aren’t from around there that I live in venice

either “sarasota” or “about an hour south of tampa” to save on confusion

I was also only joking haha that’s why I put the heart there :slight_smile: the Tampa scene is the closest we have here in Sarasota so we travel. I for one love having a place to play games even if it is 45 minutes away

If you’re a true nerd then you know what this is from.


What is Baccano!

And lutz where all the Honda players live. All 50 of us

“time to fix my jab”

Costa doing anything Saturday?