The Superman Thread: PREACH IT, goody!

This is a thread so that goody can preach the truth of Superman for all unbelievers.

If anybody has any questions, I will field them here.

A brief history:

Superman debuted in Action Comics #1, in June of 1938. You know the issue, because the cover tells a story in itself: some gangsters decided to fuck with Superman’s shit, but he was like, “HELL NO” and he fucked up their car and threatened to stick the bumper up the driver’s ass. Superman doesn’t fuck around, especially when he has your car and a convenient rock to smash it on. You’d better have your insurance paid up, bitch.

Superman later learned to fly, and why the fuck not? Gangsters aren’t even safe in airplanes anymore. Better hope there aren’t any flying rocks for him to smash your plane on, or you’re screwed.

Eventually, all the gangsters in Metropolis just gave up and called it a day, because really, you’re a god damn retard if you’re trying to make a living of petty crimes in Superman’s favorite city in the world. However, there were no shortage of evil supervillains who came to town looking for a piece. Superman sent the bad guys packing, because by this point he was powerful enough to do anything. Brainiac? Nope. Lex Luthor? Pshaw. Even when depowered, Supes thoroughly owned the Great Bald One.

Then DC planned to write Superman out of existence and replace him with a newer, weaker Superman who probably liked margarine and scrambled porn. But fear not, because the real deal was given a grand send-off by Alan Moore, who writes like your mom fucks: it goes on forever and it is never anything less than excellent.

But that’s not all for Superman. Eventually, he was brought back by Grant Morrison in All Star Superman, a series so excellent that presidents have perjured themselves and ex-football stars have murdered their uppity wives in order to obtain the latest issue. I would shiv your firstborn child in order to make #9 come out just a little bit sooner. The Big Guy is back, and any gangster smart enough to not want a bumper up his ass is running and hiding as we speak.

Frank’s writing in All Star Batman is over the top, absurd, and hilarious–and I think that’s exactly as he intended it. If I have one real gripe with the writing, it’s that approximately 47 issues have gone by and only a few things have happened. As Zeph might say, it’s a clear sign that the story is being tailored for the TRADE, BABY.

Whatever. Do I look like I’m good at math? The point is, for being this far into the series, you’d figure a little more would have happened by now.


For those who like to keep abreast of all things Super, here is an excellent clip of Michael Rosenbaum, TV’s Lex Luthor and the Flash, breakdancing in an interview:


Now that is diabolical.

lol we all know lex had the rhythm and clark was a dunce with two left feet…didnt need video evidence to prove it.

Any of you all ever read Lex Luthor: Man of Steel? That’s another one of the greatest Superman stories I’ve ever encountered.

It’s a good book. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a Superman story told from Luthor’s point of view: it shows Supes the way Luthor sees him, and makes an effort to understand Luthor’s motivations and inner feelings. It’s a three dimensional way of portraying a typically two dimensional villain.

And, going against the grain of comics stories in this day and age,


Batman takes on Superman–and loses.

A bit refreshing, since the novelty of the opposite scenario wore off long ago.


Tho not a Superman fan, I picked up Superman vs. ALIENS just cuz of the Aliens/Xenomorphs. I loved how Supes got overpowered at times and shit, but right now I like it a lot…mainly cuz of the Xenomorphs.
Supergirl>Superman IMHO, no offense.
Still I’d read that Lex Luthor one just for literaty reasons

superman vs terminator is…not good

All Star Batman and Robin is funny. Frank Miller is writing Batman like an 8 year old boy who hasn’t aged mentally since the day his parents are murdered. Once someone explained that to me I felt I was in on the joke. It’s like how his Wonder Woman in the book hates all men. Ideally she would, growing up around man haters. It’s all about Miller’s truer interpretations of how the characters would be like in real life. His Batman in this book may be stretching it a bit but oh well at least it’s funny. “I’M THE GODDAMN BATMAN!” See, eight year old with a potty mouth. :rofl: I still wish Robin did more in the book but it seems like he’s about to.

All Star Superman is better though by leaps and bounds IMHO.

I see what you did there.

Anyway, All Star Supes is the best Superman book out there right now. Each issue just feels like a huge mega-event for some reason. The writing and pacing is so well-crafted that it makes you just want this book every month. Bizarro World was handled damn well. Grant Morrison can do anything thanks to drugs.

As for Batman, I don’t even take the book seriously(the way most people should be reading it). It’s just over-the-top and even Frank knows it’s not that serious. It’s good to know that it takes place in the DKR universe. I guess we’ll finally see what lead up to those events in DKR.

I have a few questions about comics and arcs.

Has the All-Star Supes line been made in TPB’s yet? And how many are there? I read the issues with Clark and Lex in prison and was hooked.

I’ve also wanted to get the King Superman arc, does that as well have a TPB?

How good was the Joker w.e arc where he steals Mxy’s powers?

On a different note, I always liked how Supes was done in the Batman comics, Specifically the one’s with Lee as artist. Man…what a badass Superman he can do.

>_> Is there a Bats thread? We need both members of the World’s Finest represented lol.

morrison says he gave millar the ending to red son, that it was the best superman idea he ever had

So far, there is a hardcover collecting #s 1-6. MSRP is $19.99. It’s a very sexual comic book. I really hope an Absolute Edition gets made somewhere down the line.

This, I do not recognize. The arc is called “King Superman”? Sorry, I don’t know.

Straight garbage. Not worth your money and probably not worth your time, unless you don’t really care and just want to see what happens. There is an Emperor Joker TPB if you really insist, though.

All those stories from the days when they linked all four Superman titles and did crossovers… Really lousy work. There’s not much sense of cohesion and the many different artists’ styles getting slammed together in TPB form does not make a good read. The fact that different writers handled each chapter was a plain stupid idea. You could really tell that different people were writing it.

Did you read Superman: For Tomorrow? That was a good story. I think Jim Lee kind of killed Azzarello’s brooding tone, though, so the story wasn’t as good as it should have been. There was a lot of dialogue and buildup in the drama there but you only want Jim Lee to draw chicks and action scenes.

Like, I recommend anyone who owns the For Tomorrow TPBs to go through them right now and count how many times Superman has his fists clenched. There are scenes when he’s pouring out his heart to a priest in a cathedral, and Superman still has his fists clenched with his muscles just bulging. That’s not good storytelling. Seriously, count all the clenched fists. Really inappropriate.

You have the power, baby. Start it up.

Red Son is another Superman story totally worth reading. Unless you’re a Millar hater. Then you can go lick a goat’s genitals.

Red Son’s good even if you could care less about Millar. Trust me, it’s well worth reading.

batman’s hat makes red son worth reading.

I swear I would wear it if it were sold in stores. I would wear it in 100+ degree heat in the summer.