The Super 90s Cartoon Thread

Cartoon Thread

So I’m watching stuff like X-men and all that on youtube. Just figured I’d share, post up some yours :smiley: if there’s already a thread for this my bad…


oh my god, search for ‘powerpuff girls’ and watch out for the episode when they’re superheroes. I love that episode.

I liked this one.

Ah man this was one of the best epds! It gets crappy after this one because the Savage Land was really boring…but definitely a must watch! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice little crossover epd

Flaming Dragon Punch = right cross to the chest:


The full gallery:

holy crap…

lol when ryu fired the hadouken at akume they used kens soundclip. those cheap bastards.

wow…i never noticed that…o.o

and apparently ken’s style is a mix of martial arts and thuggery? O.o;…oh ho ho kay

Ryu’s voice actor is phoning it in so bad.
Since when was Akuma some kind of chi vampire?

Since…forever, duh.




Frenching with Freakazoid

Er…thanks, but I would have rather my original post, be kept in an original post.


Video Gallery of USA Street Fighter Cartoon eps

No, it’s here to prevent the idiots from spamming my shit up with “OH MY GOD!!! LOOK AT THIS 90s CARTOON! I MISS THOSE DAYS!!!” times a billion.


Good epd. :smiley:

Does Darkwing Duck get no love?