The Stop sleeping on these characters thread

Eagle: I really don’t see him having any bad matchups except against Sagat. He is a counter to A-Sak imo, but not a true counter.

Maki: good footwork, fun run up grab mixups. Tough AA. S.MK is a good poke.

Vice: Super Throw mixups!!! QCB is good. I haven’t really tested it but I think she can give Sakura trouble. She has good AAs.

Chang: Good RTSD, good priority in moves.

Athena: Great Mixups, good pokes, good footwork.

A-Kyo: CC after a qcf k!!! and he also has the hop, which imo is better than run.

who do you think is a good character people sleep on?
do you agree with my/other’s lists?

i can’t imagine vice being nasty. i’ve read about how she can rape but i’ve never seen it so i have to disagree.

i think nako should be on that list. she is dirty as anything.

good thread. :lol:

Vice is nasty trust me ive played some

Athena as listed about as well as Eagle

Joe is hella nasty alot of people sleep on him



And I still feel alot of people sleep on Rolento

maki does not have good foot work haha, he c.rh is sucks, so does her…only thing you really got to work with is or…maybe s.fp…her game revolves around tricks and mix ups not footwork…

im outi



also, yamazaki is probably the best character nobody plays

A Kyo, Vice, and Eagle should be used more.

Kyo’s dash is kinda slow imo. I feel more comfortable with run for him.

Eagle, yes I do honestly agree does/can counter A Sakura.

Vice is good. She has multiple cc setups. 2 frame supers. Decent range.

what about mai i bet pplz sleep on her

I definately agree with Vice. Geese too, people talk about geese all the time but almost no one plays him. Nako, K Nako is dirrrrty, at least I heard about Otaku playing him from Buk.

K Nako IS dirty.


all 3 are big time sleepers.

nako is so nasty i like her from S or N. I never really mess with K too much. But i say she is deadliest from S. I don’t need to roll with her and i’ll say she’s just too good dodging because she’s so small people barely can see her.

Mai is also great. People scoff at her big time but she is too good.

Same thing with Maki.