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]Balrog (Boxer)
]C. Viper
[]Dee Jay
]E. Honda
[]El Fuerte
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[]Fei Long
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[]Yang - Placeholder thread until Yun and Yang receive their own separate threads.
]Yun - Placeholder thread until Yun and Yang receive their own separate threads.

Here are some links to useful threads that may help you develop strategies in certain match ups:

Useful Threads


[]Way of the Sneakers v2.0: A thread for Guy’s basics. Includes information about Guy’s normals, special moves, super, ultras, and hitboxes (hitboxes from an early version of Super Street Fighter IV). Also includes information about Guy’s bread and butter combos. Originally started by MADma3str0 and str[e]ak.
]SSF4 AE Guy Changes: A thread for the discussion of Guy’s changes in Arcade Edition. Originally started by x_Rock_Lee_x.
[]The Versatility of Bushinryu: A thread for Guy’s options selects. Originally started by ShineErection.
]Bushin Frame Traps / Counter Hit Setups: A thread for Guy’s frame traps and counter-hit setups. Originally started by AlboShinobi.
[]Safe Jumps and Cross Ups: A thread for the discussion of Guy’s safe jump and cross up setups. Originally started by Zyx Whitewind.
]Meaty / Uncrouchable LP Bushin Flip Setups: A thread for Guy’s meaty and “uncrouchable” Bushin Flip shenanigans. Originally started by TChamp.
[]Run, Guy, Run! A Guide to the Practical Applications of Run/Stop: A thread for the discussion of Guy’s Run/Stop pressure. Originally started by This_Is_K1.
]Character Specific Stuff: A thread for a few character specific situations. The thread doesn’t cover the combos in dialupsucky’s videos, but the information is still pretty useful. However, now that AE has been released, some of the information may be obsolete. Originally started by TChamp.
[*]Personal Thoughts on Guy’s Match Up Ratios: A thread for the dicussion of Guy’s match up ratios (e.g. 5-5, 6-4, etc.) and your opinions of these ratios. Unfortunately, this thread may no longer be needed, since the new threads will show the discussion between all Guy players about these match ups.

For previous discussion about Guy’s match ups against other characters in console Super Street Fighter IV, please visit these threads:

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[]Sneaker Ninjas Unite! - The Guy Match Up Thread: Original Post: 04-25-2010.
]Master of Bushin Ryu - The Consolidated Guy Match Up Thread: Original Post: 05-02-2010. Unfortunately, I cannot find a working link to this thread.
[*]The Super Guy Match-Up Thread: Check First Posts!: Original Post: 07-20-2010.

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Anybody got trouble with the ibuki matchup? what helps?

I think most Guy players have trouble with Ibuki, one wrong timed elbow drop and you get hit with neckbreaker…

Why didn’t you two just make an Ibuki thread?

Anyway, from my experience, this match up is somewhat difficult for Ibuki. Guy has a very easy time against her on the ground, since his normals are better than hers (a well placed st.MK shuts down her ground normals). She’ll have to start taking risks, such as jumping or unexpected Neck Breakers. And, as long as you have meter, you don’t have to worry about her approach from the air. If she tries to jump in on you with a Kunai to protect herself, you can blow right through it with EX Bushin Senpukyaku. Once you knock her down, then you can apply pressure. Just be patient.

Also, learn how to block the Kunai vortex. Seriously. It may take some time, but you’ll need to learn it. Otherwise, you’re always going to lose to her.

It’s not the kunai vortex, it’s the neckbreaker, for some reason i keep getting hit by it :confused:
need to practice more, mostly i need a qanba Q4

For some reason, you keep getting caught by the Neck Breaker?

Anyway, last year, I made an effort to fully update the Super Guy Match Up Thread before NEC XI, since I was attending. I’ll try to make the same effort this year by making the rest of the character match up threads, even though I most likely won’t be able to participate at NEC XII (December 3-4, 2011).

I don’t know if you want to put too much effort into match ups as some of that work will go to waste due to the balance patch.

Going to face an Adon / Ken player in a 1st to 5, what should I look out for?

For Ken, Kara Throw and Step Kick most ken’s will have a pattern for his Kara Throw… so learn to tech it and if you want to risk it… throw out a lk tatsu or bushin flip to clear space… also watch his footsies game overall. Also watch to see if he will avoid crossups or even any air normal with cr mk. Learn how to use j hk so you can his cr mk. If its possible for you of course, also be wary of Ken’s EX hadouken… its faster than any other shotos fireball. I’m not sure if this was change or not but if it hasn’t changed (check to make sure) cr mk to fireball is not a true fireball… MK tatsu through that… or if able to Focus Dash and Punish.

Adon. Know your footsies… and respect his very well… Try to end any of his pressure when possible, learn how to punish his jaguar kicks and tooth, This will be very, very handy. Also respect his grab game… Adon’s are known to go for that against Guy.

Well the Akuma match-up just got a whole lot easier. He’s now -2 after the second hit of far St.HK is blocked.
Because of Guy’s bigger than usual hitbox, the second hit doesn’t whiff like it does on some characters.

I’m just not sure if he’s gonna be in range for Ultra 2 grab.

didn’t they extend U2’s range along with making it simpler to use?

The range has indeed increased
Now we have to test it to know if it increased enough to punish that will beat pretty much all of her posts. There is no need to rush her down until you get a knock down. Stay back chip her life slowly and punish and slide and neck breaker attempts. I personally like to stand out side of her df+mk slide range and punish until they stop using it. After you establish your game, you can start using and dash and surprise them.
If you block one of her kunai during the vortex, you should be able to use U2 to punish.

if you aren’t confident, save your ex meter and ex run out of there or ex cancel bushin flip.

Ibuki is one tough match I think - Guy’s anti airs seem pretty useless against her - and her anti-airs against Guy are crazy. I think she can do that close st.HK/MK that juggles into another combo. Things also tend to whiff on her. and should work well against her she has a floaty jump so you shouldn’t be to worried about her jump ins
You have no reason to jump in on her because your ground normals are much better than hers.

Its an annoying matchups if you don’t know the gimmicks, but I believe its slightly in Guy’s favor

Yeah cr mp i believe beats everything she has, cr mk does not do much in that AA business, but for air to air, mk hk or hp and you have to be quick on the trigger otherwise you’re losing unless you psychic her jump and air grab that ninja. But stick to the ground as much as possible. Her AAs are top-notch.

Great info man. been tryin to find info on this match cause one of my friend mains her and he kinda loves to anti air me. thanks. one more thing what should i do against her over head. i know that its fast enough to combo after so its basically safe if its blocked they can go into spin kicks and be safe. and it gives her some kind of invincibility. any tips?

You can TK Izuna that thing on reaction if she isn’t doing it on wake up, otherwise just block it, chances are she will OS if it misses and you backdash, but i do think there is a gap between the spin kicks… not sure. Can test it out in training mode.

there is a gap after the second one that you can punish if she tries to do the third one. (zangief grab) but its safe if she doesnt do the third one.