The SRK artbook poll?

Alright guys, we got the people, now its time to pick the subject of the artbook. The choices are above, let us know which one you prefer.

Choices are;

Capcom fighting games only; Only do characters from SF, DS Red Earth, etc. No X-Men or other crossover characters, however Capcom fighters like Strider Hiryu and Megaman are allowed.

Fighting game characters; Fighters from SNK, Capcom, Arc System works are allowed, but no crossover characters.

Videogame characters in general; Basically any character from a videogame is allowed. I.E. Sonic the Hedgehog, DDR, Rez, etc.

Other; If your idea isn’t up here, please suggest your own idea in your post. If enough people agree on your idea in your post, then we’ll go in that direction.

Thanks guys!

I’d like to make a suggestion

How’s about a tribute to awesomeness??

where we all add our favorite videogame/ anime/ cartoon characters??

Fighters should rule the roster in this one.

Well as I had stated in the other thread, I believe that this should only be fightng game characters from any fighting game. Due soley to the fact that this a book brought togethre by people on a fighting game site.
I think the loop hole should easily be the “VS.” and Smash Bros. series. Most of the characters (Save any manga/anime characters) in those games are the popular 'toons people would have drawn anyways…

My question is HOW do we assign who gets what as far as character?

Well whatever wins I’m all for it :smiley:

This will be very fun but I mostly color traditionally, will that be a problem?

fighting in the lead. :slight_smile:

You can draw whatever character you want. Obviously though, if we get too many Ryus or Kens, I would hope that some people would change their character plans

My personal goal with this will be to draw characters that arn’t freekish popular. We’ll see how well that works, haha.

Wait…why NOT the Vs. series or Smash Bros.? I would think that we could do that in order to get the people who want to draw Sonic, Mega Man, Gatchaman etc…

I would have voted for other as opposed to “Fighting Game” if I had known that was what you meant. I really don’t want to make it sound like I am bitching, but I just want to know why that would NOT be an option?

As far as what Characters, if we set a deadline, and let people just draw what they want, and it turns out that ‘everyone’ drew the same thing, what are we going to do about the deadline? I would suggest that one of two ways happen.

  1. Next week have people post the top 3-5 “who/what they want to draw”. Whoever post that character first will have say as too if they want to keep that selection Or pass it off to the next in line.

  2. Have everyone suggest characters, and then have people vote on who they think should draw it. (Sometimes certain artist styles fit better with certain subject matters than other artist…).

I am down to get this done by whatever means, but I just don’t want to run into an issue of who draws what and nothing getting done.

This is an awesome idea and I think if we all work together we can kill this!

…the floor is now open!

(BTW-here is a link to my OLD artwork [I haven’t really found a reason to draw till now…] )

I voted Capcom fighters since that’s what I’m gonna do a piece on. I can still do the piece if any other options win so I’m happy either way.

to the OP, why no cross-over characters. what exactly to you mean by that?

So no JoJo then? Have an idea I’ve been sitting on for ages.

Well there goes my dream of drawing Ristar fighting Flicky picture.

If the majority of people want to be able to draw cross over characters, I have no problem with that. I’m sticking with my plan of drawing Yamazaki vs. Maki!

guys just draw what you want. Chances are nothing is gonna get rejected unless it’s way off the top pornographic or something. If you really want to draw something, you should do it regardless if it’s going to be in a book or not.