The Splash Battle

“It seems such a waste of time
If that’s what it’s all about
If that’s movin’ up then I’m movin’ out…”

-Billy Joel “Movin’ Out”

Incorporate lyrics from a song into your piece and relate the piece to the lyrics (if possible, if not then just make it look good). Basically some nice, visible lyrics would be required, also the name of the song and band with your post (not on the piece). Its about the music people! Whatever inspires you, whatever is the hit of the week, whatever song is in your head right now, is what this is about. One snippet of something that makes a certain song great.

So the deal is due date Dec. 17 (21 days). That will give a nice cushion for any complications that may arise so that the judges will be done by Christmas and so everyone has enough time. Size minimum of 500x300, maximum of 760x420. PLEASE PM ME WITH QUESTIONS. I dont want this thread to be cluttered with crap, so if your posts get deleted dont whine, just PM ME. Thats about it, I think I covered it all.

Judges are Rei, Orange, Draig. They will construct a judging system.

“Headed for eternity and destined for nothing
The future isn’t difficult to see
It’s easy to confuse grand design with life’s repercussions
Lament not your vanquished fantasy
It’s only destiny…”

-Bad Religion “Destined for Nothin”

Expect it to be a point system, either 10 points from each judge, or 9 points from each judge + 3 bonus for following the theme. Either way, the winner is the entry with the most points. TG, give the other two judges my AIM, and we will hammer it out.

I will create a web-page that will showcase all the entries.

Also, the judges decisions are final. Don’t whine.

“Depending on how you see it
You cage your mind, or you free it.”
-Deee-Lite “Good Beat”

I have one question, and this may be important so I’m posting instead of PMing this one.

We have had trouble in past wars where people would post an entry, and then say they wanted to do something else. Therefore, is there a rule on submissions? Is the one entry our final entry, or do we get to post prototypes and whatnot? Sorry if this question was addressed in the other thread, but let’s avert this problem before it starts.:smiley:

Final entry only. No exceptions, do not post your pieces here either (IMM in general) I do not think it is fair to get comments and crit on your Contest or Battle pieces, because it is for competition and one person may get more help than another. So do them on your own please, get comments and stuff afterward, this is about you and your abilities and concepts, bringing other people into it makes it a collab, try not to do that.

9 with 3 bonus points seems good to me… but ask orange.

(aim is renedraigien)

that’s cool.
i like that concept just fine.

splash battle cool:cool:


goodluck everyone!

where you guys posting your work?..right here on this thred?

Yeah, where are we posting them?


hmm, me and orange just talked about it, unless its not okay with TG, PM it too either me, orange or rei.

TG is off moving, so if he’s not here for the deadline I’ll be giving in his piece (he’s sent me it already).

I doubt I can be in now.:bluu: No real computer to get on to work with. My brother broke mine.

Therefore, you should break your brother.

Just make one in MS paint.:lol:

i guess i’m first

original bob marley pic here:

lyrics from The Heathen, a song off of the Exodus album:

looks at kame’s entry
GAH! looks like its back to the drawing board for me, lol

Are you sure we’re supposed to post them here Kame? Nice job =D!

I’ll post my own when I get home, I have a feeling mine will stand out more then it should.


Not that program again.:frowning:

I had plenty fun with it, this is more or less my first splash.

Lyrics are from: Mono - Life in Mono - Great Expectations Soundtrack.

I’ll be really impressed if someone can tell me what street she’s on. Pay attention to the lyrics, it’ll clue you in.