The Specialists III: Team IE Qualifiers 3/21/2010

Specialists III is coming up very soon, and Team IE needs players!

**Where: **House of Cicada
**When: **Sunday, March 21, 2010 - 3pm sharp!

there are three (3) open spots to represent the IE at the Specialists III 5v5 Regional on 3/27/2010. the selection method is unknown until the day of the event but it will likely be one of the following:

[]Double Elimination Tournament
]Round Robin Tournament

depending on how many players there are. In each scenario the Top three (3) will get spots to represent Team IE at The Specialists III @ the House of Cicada on 3/27 (the following Saturday).

If you are unsure whether or not you fall in the IE Territories, please check the map:

High-desert is also IE. If you have any other questions, please post here, and they will be addressed by either Myself, MOVAL or wald098.

qualifiers will be played on PS3.

Please post in here if you plan on attending.

Good luck, and see you here on Sunday.

i will be going for sure now. can you pm me the addy plz

also if i can may i bring a complete setup for casuals? it would be a 360 setup.

I should be attending.

Is it going to be a free tournament or?

we’ll have at least 2 setups there. i think its better that we use ps3 setups since the 5v5 tournament will be on the same console as well.

i believe that this is a free tournament since its invite only. also, if you don’t plan on being at cicada’s majority of the day (27th of this month), then i would suggest not trying out. we would like the individuals participating for team IE to be there until the event has ended.

so its invite only? or for IE players?

the tournament for the qualifiers is for IE players only. as for the actual event on the 27th, its invite only since cicada’s place can only hold so many people. please reference below…

Im in. Thanks Waldo…

the specialists event itself is invite only [teams only]

qualifiers are IE players only and it’s free. :slight_smile: See everyone on Sunday!

Armando; sure, bring your setup if you want :smiley:

if the qualifiers end early we’re still gonna play as normal til 10-11p

oh, and to clarify, the specialists 5v5 Round robin is also free. It’s more of an exhibition tournament that we stream.

seriously? only 3-4 players intersted in the qualifier?

IE needs heat.

and by heat i mean hate. It’s some sad shit that we have the largest land mass as far as any of the other counties, but people aren’t hungry enough. Good luck to everyone that qualifies, make sure we don’t get raped too hard. REPRESENT.

I’m starting up the sunday sessions like they used to be, and we’re gonna run it back in Super. BET IT.


fyi, i hit up this guy that valle recommended. if he joins then there will be only 2 spots open for the qualifier.

team ie bringin dat charge character fire

good luck

hopefully by the time super rolls out, we are going to do counties… i.e LA, OC, SB, Riverside… etc…

Valle split the specialists up by county (sort of) the reason why some counties are split and some are combined is mostly because of player density and accomodations. By actual county would be too many people.

While I agree it might be more exciting, the idea behind the specialist sessions is for each socal region/community to bring their best and see how they fare. So it’s sort of a ranbat of regions – “who has the most talented players?”

As moval pointed out in the Sunday sessions thread, khio is spotted on our team, so there will be 2 qualifier spots for top 2 in the tourney tomorrow. 3rd place will be a sub in case there is a no-show on the team on the day-of.

there is a chance that me and zillsgrind might not make it to today. i have some family matters to attend to mid day but i will still try to make it back in time. in case we cant make it good luck to every one

Hey me and alan are gonna roll through. Are you guys gonna order pizza?

gg’s tonight all. grats to waldo and markski