The Spawn Point SF3/SF4 Fighters Fest//June 27//Scranton PA

Hello Everyone,

Myself and some other gamer’s who run The Spawn Point are looking to have a Large Street Fighter 3rd Strike and SF4 Event at our store.


The Spawn Point
1608 N Main Ave Scranton PA
In the back of the building

The Agenda will be as follows and offical rules will be posted soon.
(There will a $5 Venue fee, no other money will be taken from the prize pools)

Registration will begin at 1:00 PM The day of the event, but people can register for an individual tournament up to 15 mins before it begins.

1:00 - 2:30- Practice Freeplay

3:00- SF third strike 1 vs 1($10/person)
%60 1st
%30 2nd
%10 3rd

4:30- SF third strike 3 vs 3($5/person)
%60 1st
%30 2nd
%10 3rd

5:30 SF 4 Singles($10/person)
%60 1st
%30 2nd
%10 3rd

7:00 SC4 Singles($10/person)
%60 1st
%30 2nd
%10 3rd

I hope we can get AT LEAST 20+ people to attend this so we can grow the event and the community!



Sounds good I’ll be there for 3S.


if only you guys lived 4 hours closer :crybaby:

Can’t wait to see LOTS of people at this!

Flare, is that a yes or a no to coming?

I am really excited for this one, people seem really interested we already have over 10 people coming!

Please post here if you think you can make it!

is sf4 xbox360 or ps3?

PS3 and sticks are welcome!

I don’t mean to brag, but I’m pretty good at making bad decisions

I would like to get a preliminary list of who we are expecting to come so please post here if you plan to, so people know what kind of comp to expect


I’m down for 3s, (single and teams) and sf4.

I seen it.

my friends and i will try to make it at this one… Tourneys are fun.

I’ll come for 3s. See you all there. : )

Awesome thanks for the support everyone!

Can’t wait to see you there!


If anyone is going to need teammates for this event feel free to post in here and we can try and match people up!


Wow, lots of interest!!! I might have to get the rust off my already scrubby Oro… Aw, I made myself sad T_T

Ridnick, Do you want to throw together a team for this for old times sake :slight_smile:

Old time team

Hi jurrin
Sure why not i have to get my dust covered sticks out of my closet. Do you have time for some practice this weekend?


lets get together on sat and practice, u wanna join us mizu?

Only a few weeks away!!!