The South Texas Open - McAllen, TX - 7/31 - 1st Banana Ken, 2nd Fro, 3rd Isaiah

First of all I apologize for the tournament taking so long, running late, and finishing at like 4am. Wait no, I’m not too sorry…I had a blast. This was our first time running a stream/using Tonamento/running so many games.

Certain games [CvS2 and Marvel] were completely plagued by the non-existence of sticks to play. In my future events I would love to keep these games in but I would have to be more strict with BYOC. Big shoutouts to whoever was whoring their sticks around. Even if we had 100 setups for CvS2 and Marvel we still could have only ran one game at a time due to lack of sticks.

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to this in support of The Rio Gnarly Valley community. I deeply appreciate the support from the outside cities and hope you all will come down more regularly. On that note, the RGV needs to travel in mass to more events as well…

Now, the results…

Also, shoutouts to the Marvel bracket <3


The South Texas Open

Tatsunoko vs Capcom
[round robin]
4 Entrants

1st Joseph ‘Magik’ Moya [8-0] [Roll/Cassan]

Capcom vs. SNK 2
8 Entrants

1 James “Jive Turkey Jones” Brenner [$32.00]
2 James “Demon Jim” Garcia [$8.00]
3 Billy “Shin-Rukus” McLaughlin
4 Daniel “Shizuma_15” Sendejas
5 David Filth
5 Sean “Maximo” Murray
7 Francis “Alain” Aldaba
7 Isaac “UntitledProject” Ruiz

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
11 Entrants

1 James “Jive Turkey Jones” Brenner [$38.00]
2 Billy “Shin-Rukus” McLaughlin [$11.00]
3 Mando “TetheredRemnant” Ramirez [$5.00]
4 David Filth
5 Daniel “Shizuma_15” Sendejas
5 Isaac “UntitledProject” Ruiz
7 Rodolfo “Shin-Rotendo” Camarena
7 LinearRushLimbaugh
9 JJ Nino
9 Alec “Ajtucker22” Tucker
9 James “Demon Jim” Garcia

Tekken 6
13 Entrants

1 James “Jive Turkey Jones” Brenner [$91.00]
2 James “Fro” Marroguin [$26.00]
3 Jose “Banana Ken” Llera [$13.00]
4 LinearRushLimbaugh
5 Joe Cardoza
5 Spin4U
7 Juan Vasquez
7 David Filth
9 Matthew Saenz
9 Billy “Shin-Rukus” McLaughlin
9 Daniel “Shizuma_15” Sendejas
9 James “Demon Jim” Garcia
13 Mando “TetheredRemnant” Ramirez

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix
16 Entrants

1 Julio ‘hAMM’ Hernandez [$56.00]
2 David ‘SirFishouse’ Arjona [$16.00]
3 Adam ‘Jewelman’ Jewel [$8.00]
4 Daniel “Shizuma_15” Sendejas
5 Chris “Big Nasty” Sklarkowski
5 Joseph “Magik” Moya
7 James “Jive Turkey Jones” Brenner
7 Arturo “Sir_Arthur” Contreras
9 Billy “Shin-Rukus” McLaughlin
9 Sean “Maximo” Murray
9 James “Demon Jim” Garcia
9 Mando “TetheredRemnant” Ramirez
13 Rhajman
13 Alec “Ajtucker22” Tucker
13 Francis “Alain” Aldaba
13 Isaac “UntitledProject” Ruiz

Marvel vs. Capcom 2
22 Entrants

1 Luiz “Luiz” Martinez [$77.00]
2 Julio “hAMM” Hernandez [$22.00]
3 Daniel “Shizuma_15” Sendejas [$11.00]
4 Rodolfo “Sinister-X” Alaniz
5 Jonathan “Monkeyspank” Guzman
5 James “Fro” Marroguin
7 Chris “Big Nasty” Sklarkowski
7 SuperDuperKidd
9 Isley
9 Rick "Doomsday"
9 Rodolfo “Shin-Rotendo” Camarena
9 Jose “Youtube” Aguirre
13 Gully
13 El Coyote
13 Ez The Champ
13 Leo “OneDeep” Garza
17 Rick "Ja Raf"
17 Alex “Chill Effect” Perez
17 DarkCrusader
17 Isaac “UntitledProject” Ruiz
17 James “Demon Jim” Garcia
17 Abid “Nican” Vega

Super Street Fighter IV
50 Entrants, Increased $600 Guaranteed Pot

1 Jose “Banana Ken” Llera [$420.00]
2 James “Fro” Marroguin [$120.00]
3 Isiah Rodriguez [$60.00]
4 Rodolfo “Sinister-X” Alaniz
5 Luiz “Luiz” Martinez
5 Adam “Jewelman” Jewel
7 Julio “hAMM” Hernandez
7 Gilbert “Sinic” Dominguez
9 Leo “OneDeep” Garza
9 Salvador “SalveBlaze"
9 Alvaro “Bboypozin” Flores
9 Alex “Chill Effect” Perez
13 Sean “Maximo” Murray
13 Billy “Shin-Rukus” McLaughlin
13 Spin4U
13 Anthony “Panda” Garcia
17 Cristo Davila
17 Rey Gonzalez
17 Rodolfo “Shin-Rotendo” Camarena
17 Chris “Big Nasty” Sklarkowski
17 David “dragula96” Martinez
17 Vilas"Chino956” Sheldon
17 Seth Rodriguez
17 David “SirFishouse” Arjona
25 Chris De Leon
25 Lorenzo Guerrero
25 Alec “Ajtucker22” Tucker
25 Jose “Youtube” Aguirre
25 David “Koopa” Padilla
25 Jonathan “Vash” Begum
25 Ivan “Goose M.D.” Rojano
25 Mike “King Broly” Begum
33 SuperDuperKidd
33 Matthew Saenz
33 Jason Straton
33 RocketGruntMark
33 Andilex
33 Jesse "Mr. Sakura"
33 J.T.
33 Juan Vasquez
33 JJ Nino
33 Francis “Alain” Aldaba
33 Adam “Mister Daku” Wratten
33 Justin “Kryptonian Baby” Castellano
33 Isaac “UntitledProject” Ruiz
33 James “Demon Jim” Garcia
33 Daniel “Shizuma_15” Sendejas
33 Dan “DanEG” Segovia
49 Marquez
49 Mokey


1 Team Bean 'N Cheese [Spin4u/Luiz]
2 Banana-X [Sinister-X/Banana Ken]
3 Mamadas [Hamm/SirFishHouse]




Harry and NE1 LAN CNTR
Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to host this event on your behalf. Your commitment to competitive gaming and overall passion to video games in general makes working with you a most excellent experience. I look forward to collaborating with you in the future for more tournaments and events.

Demon Jim
YOU ARE THE BEST. In all honestly I owe so much to you for the success of this tournament. I dare say we would have been up even later running brackets and scrambling [and possibly having a horribly ran tournament] had you not put your assistance into this tournament. Tonamento was a success in my opinion and I really did enjoy using that program. I need to drive out to Harlingen once and a while to actually hang out with you. Once again thank you so much and I can’t wait to collaborate for BATB4 ;o

RocketGruntMark - The Technical Supervisor
Everybody and myself [and the stream monsters] especially owes you a million thanks for setting up and managing the stream for this tournament. Just so everyone knows, Mark spent hours tweaking and playing with the settings just to get this thing working. We were crunched for time and had some last minute equipment changes the days before the tournament and he still managed to get it on a projector and streamed. Thank you so much for putting your time and effort into this and I apologize for our misunderstanding during the tournament. Via online there were a extra 100 people attending STXO thanks to you. I can’t wait to stream again [when we get more organized] and make this better than ever. BTW in case you missed it on the chat, people were comparing the quality of the stream to LevelUp :]

My advisor and great friend. Thank you for the daily insightful chats we have at work on AIM lol. Thanks for planting the idea to run 3s and CvS2 because I really feel that they brought the tournament together as a whole…in a weird "delayed-running late-slightly frustrating-nerve racking’ whole kind of way. You are always there throwing down thousands of dollars of equipment and lending virtually all of your possessions out to ensure everything goes as planned and I believe everyone is thankful for that. You introduced me to this community and showed me the ways of the tic throws. Now HURRY UP AND WIN MARVEL!

Adam Wratten @
I saw you looking a little bored when the tourney was running late and I’m sorry for that. Thank you so much for busting out that SICK cover story in the paper. I know it increased attendance and overall hype to the event. You should come out to our sessions at the LAN center if you can get away for a night. You really did make this event a nice part of history by your contribution and everyone can see it every time they walk into the LAN CNTR now.

Mark Del Bosque
I wished you could have made it out yesterday and got your casuals in for 3s. Thanks so much for printing those fliers for David. I had been so caught up with life in general and never got around to printing or distributing any of my own so major props to you for leaving the paper trail to STXO <3

Jive Turkey Jones
I really noticed this tournament how serious you take everything. I want to apologize if I came off as indifferent when you were trying to get that T6 sync station going but if I did it was due to me feeling overwhelmed with the rest of the tournament, particularly the monster that is SSFIV. I wasn’t trying to discriminate against T6 haha ;[ Anyways, thanks for being around to the almost bitter end and for stepping up and helping the tournament overall. Amazing job on taking nearly half the events of the tournament haha, that was great to see. When I get closer to the planning of my next event I would love to have you more involved with the decision making for setups and what to do as far as running those older school games and what to do to make them more efficiently run and fun overall. I’m down to throw ST into the next tournament ;]

Shoutout to SirFishouse, AjTucker, Magik, and all those who contributed in some way, shape, or form to the tournament whether it be a stick, game, monitor, Wii, or whatever. It made the event overall run smoother.

HUGE SHOUTOUT to K-Town coming down in full force to this event. I’m super sorry I had a hard time remembering all of your names but I think I got the hang of it towards the end. You all made this event very hype staying to the end for the most part. I appreciate your attendance and support of our scene and hopefully if you all ever run something big we can return the favor. For a while I wasn’t sure if you were all going to attend but I am glad you guys made it down. Your presence was in all the games and major props for that.

Shoutout to all the girlfriends and significant-other-females who were not playing at the tournament. Sometimes it seemed some looked salty but I know it takes mad patience and love for them to chill at a tournament for a whole day. Kind of like shopping with my girlfriend and her mom, but thats a different story haha. Props to the ladies for supporting their gentlemen, thats love.

Props to San Antonio and Corpus coming down also, it was great to meet all of you! Thank you for making this tournament what it was!

Isaiah, I love you <3 Best Fwends Forever. Gwavy and the Pwince. Great job getting third. You will get that W soon enough.

Leo, your the best. Thanks for showing up and keep on practicing. You are top 8 material and I know you can get there. Maybe even Mahvel haha :] The little skill I do have in SF is in thanks to you teaching me. I am happy to call you a great friend <3

To everyone who commentated on the stream [Spin, Sinister, BigNasty Etc], thanks! We seemed to have a overall great stream from what the monsters were saying and your knowledge on there really pulled it together. Thank you!

Andilex, thanks for hanging out until 6am to give me a ride home. Last night, I had a dream about you!

Burgers, nice commentating with you XD You are always the first to pump up my tournaments and thanks for that :]

Fro, I hate you for choosing other Danny’s over me >:[ Nah lol, but great job with your 2nd places this tournament. Keep it up. Sorry I couldn’t make it IHOP with you all, next time I will! :]

Luiz, good job on that great Marvel comeback. The night wouldn’t have been as good without a full reset comeback. You are gatlyk in Marvel. I need to throw another tourney soon so you can retake your title of RGVs sickest in Super :]

Ez-The-Champ, thanks for recording the only footage from STXO haha. Thanks for sticking around until the early morning hours for Marvel.

Sinic, great job on top 8, I honestly didn’t see that coming but you proved where you deserve to stand in the Valley. Your croutch walking all the time reminded me of Daigo in this match:
Hopefully we get to game soon and you can make it to the LAN CNTR sessions one of these days.

Alvaro, good job for what was probably the biggest upset of the tournament!

Koopa, thanks for coming dude. You are always a fun guy to be around and thanks for telling me how the Dazzle splitting worked for audio. I need to get you a little more involved with running the tournaments if your down for that!

Broly, good job almost taking down Spin. Your Chun is a beast! We should mm ;p

Vash, good job also! Sorry no Melee side tourney ;[

Mokey, sorry for the mix up, next time I promise it won’t happen and your entry fee is on me! Keep up the playing cards and come to our sessions!

J.T., I am glad you made it out man! Thank you!

first i would like to say to dan, jim , hamm, and mark, you guys to a great job running the STXO! it was a event to remember. 2nd i wanna say congrats to jive for taking 1st in 3 different games i never played CVS 2 or 3s, watching how your supposed to play made it easier to understand the gameplay. 3rd congrats! to the top 3 finalist of SSF4 , i’m glad i was able to face banana ken to see where my skillz is at. even though i only won 1 fucking round i gained alot of experience points XD either way i had a blast and thanks again DAN for allowing me to take my controller (">

I didnt see the stream
did yall record anything???

congratulations to the winnners
3s and CvS2 were sooooo free for Jive :rofl:

banana JEN is the TRUTH

wtf happened to jewel man? and good shit fro for getting 2nd in tekken =]

DJ gave him a nasty run for it in CvS2. He was pretty close to resetting the Grand Finals and would have delayed the tournament another two hours if he had won haha.

Almost nothing was recorded outside of what EZ-The-Champ recorded. It was our first time running a livestream and I will admit we were pretty overwhelmed getting it together. Sorry guys…guess you had to be there ;b

lol u called him banana “jen” in the thead title


Jewelman and I were 5th place buddies, Broly.

man sucked to be stuck on the international bridge for 4 hours and didnt make it on time to play ssf4 :(, aside from that, tournament was awesome, and the stream was really cool too, hopefully next time we will arive on time lol.

shoutout to everyone!!

“OOoooooooh” the new saying in a tourney. Random ultras ftw!

I was sleepy when I typed that. I fixed it ;b

Broly, u got raped :D, I dont owe u shit xD

Good Job though :slight_smile:


GGs to everyone I played, especially to Isaiah/Alvaro for beating me.
Also a special great big thanks-for-coming to my guys in San Antonio and Corpus! Hope you guys liked the crackhouse, aka the Brownsville ARC. Also thanks to Banana Ken and Killeen crew for coming!

Some shout-outs:

Burgers: LOL at us taking shits in the iHop stalls and having a long ass conversation.

Banana Ken: BZZZZZZZZZ. GGs man! Your Ken is a MONSTER. I love watching you play with your crazy ass links. You fucked Fro up, and now he doesn’t think everything is automatic anymore! (lol furix)

Rudy: Fucking love you man. I hit up my mini-vuvuzela every time you were keeping bitches back.

Brandon: SWOLE ASS NIGGAS! Team Bean 'n Cheese is fucking team of the year material, I swear.

Jewelman: 5th place buddies for life. You showed everyone who the real Edgar is.

Mark: you got raped when you were asleep on your chair. =)

Dan EG: good shit running the tourny man, it was great! Do something about Fro’s fro though, that thing is crazy. We gotta cut it now.


Demon Jim: hey man, when are we gonna work out at the Demon Gym??

Big Nasty: WOOOOOOOO. You brought the HYPE man, seriously. Let’s play UMK3 dood. lol

Fonzo: good seeing you homie! You’ll get your revenge on Burgers later!

Leo: Jewelman’s weakness is the kazoo. I’ll blast that shit next time you both play. BEAT HIS ASS! Naw but good shit man, you’re getting better. Keep it up!

Sir Fish House: HONDA. All I have to say.

Hamm: fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Andy: happy birthday mann. Fucking Juri lol. I don’t even think I beat your Juri once with Seth. GGs.

David Filth: let’s play 3s

Jive: conversations with you in them at food places are always fucking awesome lol

Alvaro: MONEY MATCH NIGGA. Good shit though!

Edgar: you let Jewelman steal your identity dude, you should have gone

Harlingen James: good shit for last in every game, since you didn’t show up. Nah I’m kidding though, I know you had stuff to do. Hopefully next time man.

Nican and Sir Arthur: damn sucks that you guys couldn’t enter.

Henry I think it was: good shit!

If I missed anyone, I blame my lack of sleep. still a lot of <3.

So that’s what happened to you guys. I knew it. Crossing the bridge on a weekend is always mad gay for lines.

SSF4 Teams from what I remember:

1st Team Bean 'N Cheese(Spin4u/Luiz)
2nd ?(Sinister-X/Banana Ken)
3rd ? (Hamm/SirFishHouse)

I want to give a huge thanks to you guys at McAllen NE1 center for your hospitality and competition! And a Special Shout to Jive Turkey… you stopped me in every single game we played together in lol, (except Demon Jim with the nice Vega Claw, big ups to stopping me there in CVS2). You guys have really made me step up my game, and I hope to come down for another big event.

Also note that K-Town came in pretty big in EVERY game… the lowest being SSFIV where we placed 13th… although we have to step up our game, Texas knows that we can brawl! Thanks to all who we fought (and borrowed sticks from lol) and who let us know we have competitors everywhere. Hopefully next time we can bring the whole team!

Message to Mr. Jive Turkey!!!

shout outs to me for not being there and supporting the valley lol, yeah i know im a fcking scrub :stuck_out_tongue:

i would like to make shoutouts to:
the ne1 lan center staff for hosting the tourney and for letting me commenate for some matches, and letting the marvel tourney run until 4am thats some crazy shit for having something like that.

Luiz for housing me,fonzo,and jewelman. it was great after the tourney to go to ihop to get some food and then going to your crackhouse,talking about Fro’s wake-up ultra

hamm and his people nice to see you, hopefully i will go to sb5

rudy- beasting with dhalism,brandon beasting people in team tourney with walk-up roundhouse to raise the roof ultra, andy good juri i still having trouble with that match

demon jim nice to see u lucky they didn’t have umk3 tourney so i can make u rage quit

goosestrike- what happen man you are suppose to stay so we can have the umk3 tourney

banana ken- for winning the tourney

fro- your wake-up ultra

and the rest of the people at the tourney

Thanks for the kind words, Dan. I had a blast. I’ll definitely hit up some of those days. I need some mad practice/lessons.