*~The SoRR v5 Battle Mode Theoryfighters Club~*: netplay where?

The Streets of Rage Remake is a project by the Bombergames team on 2003. The latest version was released just this month. Get it here. In this thread I will be talking about the versus mode, which I find interesting.

Stages in this game are similar to Aggressors of Dark Kombat in that you can move around the background. You can walk in 8 directions, run (:f::f: / :b::b:) left or right and roll (:u::u: / :d::d:) up or down. You do not automatically face the opponent when changing sides.
Runs can be cancelled, but rolls cannot.
Jumping is done with the jump button. You can jump in place or left and right. (:ub:/:u:/:uf:). Controlling the trajectory is possible only along the x-axis. Jumping when running will result in a long jump.

The attack button when pressed repeatedly will do 3 consecutive attacks, with the last hit capable of knocking down (This last hit can also be used separately with the Series button). It is possible to change facing while attacking. Note that this sequence will not always be a true chain for certain characters. Doing an attack while running will turn into a dash attack.
There are 2 forms of jump attacks. One is the normal jump attack which knocks down and the other is the down + jump attack which does not. You can also control air movement while doing a jump attack.
A Back Attack hits opposite of where your character is currently facing. You can chain into this by quickly changing position after an attack. Knocks down.
Holding the Special Combo button then doing a command will make your character do a blitz. You can find a list of these at the profile viewer in-game.

The special bar beside the lifebar fills up by itself. Depending on its level, executing a special (neutral and forward/backward) will give a health penalty to the user with a full special bar having a 0 health deduction. When your life is low enough, you cannot do specials when the special bar is not full. You can do a reversal special during hitstun.

Grabs are done by pressing towards the opponent when close. You can go from an attack to a grab. There are two positions when grabbing which are front and back. From any position, pressing jump will switch sides.
From a front grab, a neutral attack will simply knock the opponent down. A forward+attack will hit repeatedly and a back+attack will throw the opponent to the other side, which can be neutralized by up+jump.
You can reverse grabs by using a special. However, depending on the special, the opponent can avoid this with a counter-special or by [media=youtube]MJu4gc-mv9U[/media]

placeholder: character overview + tiers maybe???
things to argue about: items/ no. of lives per round

Thanks for the heads-up i was feeling in the mood for some SOR
and was thinking about looking up if any new versions was out.
That being said, while SORR is a phenomenal beat 'em up,
i have my doubts on how well its engine’ll do as a fighting game.
But it’s an interesting idea, so I’ll keep an eye on this thread.