The Sock Thread

Hey guys. I lost my sock. It’s usually on my foot, please help.

Post sock tiers and sock stories in this thread. I’m tired of these threads being posted all the time. That said, can this be considered the official Sock Thread? I guess I’ll have to let a moderator make that change if he sees fit.

Who the fuck wears socks this early in the morning? Socks are for shoes. I go sockless unless I got shoes on.

I’m just trying to spread sock awareness and appreciation. Socks are great.

I personally prefer crew cut socks, regardless of the weather. While I have found longer socks to be more comforting in colder weather I absolutely abhor the feeling. Perhaps this is because I have rather hairy legs and the socks seem to make them itch.

I also prefer black socks. This is simply because when white socks get dirty that shit looks horrible. Nothing worse than going over to a friends house, popping off your shoes and showing off your dirty white socks. Black socks are the way to go, plus you can wear them with khaki’s/dress pants and not feel too out of place should your pants hike up and your socks become visible. Another reason is doing laundry: white socks are generally done with “white” or “light” colored clothes. During the winter time I normally don’t wear many light/white colored shirts, and honestly khaki pants can go in either load, so in the winter time I do many more loads of “dark” clothes and having my socks in there makes it much easier by reducing the amount of loads I have to run on the weekends.

That said, I hope no one abuses their socks. Holes in em? Toss em. Socks are pretty cheap, and you’ll feel much better in the long run replacing them.

Also using socks after your personal fun time for cleanup just seems gross. Just hop in the shower. Socks have feelings too, I’m sure they don’t like being used to soak up your unwanted fluids.

Edit: No offense to socks, but I cannot wear them to sleep. It just feels unnatural. I often take them off when I’m at home for extended perionds of time, such as weekends off.

However, the benefits of socks should not be overlooked, they’re useful tools for every day life. We should educate everyone as to their glory and honor. Though they’re often overlooked and trodden on by society socks have served as a launching point for civilized society and often are the “line in the sand” between civil and uncivil societies.

That said, I’m pretty sure terrorists don’t wear socks. That explains a lot. I assume this “jihad” they’re all up in arms about is merely sock-envy. If only we took the time to notice we could have saved ourselves a lot of trouble and created a lot of business for sock manufacturers everywhere.

Ooh, hotsox. (whoever gets this reference fucking marry me)

Socks are amazing. I don’t know what I’d do without socks. Can you guys name some famous Socks?

Chicago White Sox
Boston Red Sox
Socks the cat
Sock’em Boppers (I let this one slide lol)
Sock it to me by Aretha Franklin (lol that’s not the title but again, I let it slide)

Wow that’s a lot. I didn’t realize how much sock appreciation there was out there. Rock on, guys. (Sock on lol haha!!)


Socks are serious business. Maybe even more serious than the internet.

No sock graces my sweet foot unless it’s argyle.

I’m dead serious about my socks.

And that’s the just the start of it. Think about how many socks get lost in the drier. Souls with no home. That’s why I sharpie names to my socks. They’re married to the female names, and those get folded nicely in my drawer.

I also love winter socks, or more commonly referred to as, ‘feet armor’. Them shits are amazing.

Sock trivia: Did you know that socks have been around well before you were born?

Sock Tip Of The Day

Never wear two layers of Socks while skiing/snowboarding/other winter activity even though it may feel warmer. The socks will swell because of the the melted snow that will invariably fall in, cutting circulation to the feet, and you’ll never know it.

dude lol leave that scary shit out of this sacred thread. We’re only gonna talk about the good things socks do. Not that we ever could finish that in this lifetime, but I’m so glad the OP decided to get a head start on future generations of sock lovers.

So, another sock trivia: Mismatched socks are called “pisalones”; their purpose is sinister.

**Sock quiz!!! **T or F (Totally right or Fallacy lol): Socks are all created equal

if anyone gets this one wrong get out of the thread! :razzy:

Socks can be dangerous weapons in the wrong hands(feet?). Raising public sock awareness has been known to lower sock related injuries by 63% :tup:. Don’t hide the problems socks create under the rug. Let them be known, so people can enjoy socks safely and responsibly.


I think that rug reference was meant to incite some discussion about how socks create static electricity. This is no good, because you get shocked when you touch the doorknob. However, it is a good tactic for making little children think you have super powers and can electrocute them.

+1 for scaring the shit out of little kids

-1 for static discharge

So socks break even when it comes to wearing them in carpeted rooms, unless someone can shed light on another way to positively use static electricity.

Tru dat.

Last summer when my friends and I went to sixflags (that’s an american amusement park you fucking canuck) we went on a few of the water rides sp all day we walked around with soaked socks+sneakers no big deal right? WRONG DEAD WRONG because when we got back to my friends crib and my friend’s feet had magically aged 45 years being wrinkly and very very pale white (he’s bengali like me so he has tan skin)…from that day on we called him ashy larry:badboy:

Lesson of the day?..socks+water=emotional trauma.

Now let us do what SRK does best…tier the insignificant!!!

plain ankle socks tight but not too tight so they stay on but are still comfortable throughout the day

everything else

thick wool knee highs:confused:

What I did was get rid of all my socks. Then I bought 20 pairs of uniform black unifoot socks. Whenever I find two socks, they fit.

I should win prizes for this invention.

Who invented socks anyways?

btw, Carreau, you misspelled genius

Snaaake’s mom uses static electricity to run her home abortion clinic.

Anyway, I got socked in the foot the other day with a sock. It resulted in me wearing a sock. I requested the person sock me again in my other foot, so that I could comfortably wear shoes. This worked out very nicely.

I also don’t like how the word sock is perilously close to the word “suck” (I made this typo and had to repent to my Jesus sock puppet)… does anyone else think we should change the spelling of sock to “saaaahhhhque” for the purpose of this thread? Type “footsies!” if so.

Ankle socks. :rock:

Foot fetishists are the most disgusting motherfuckers to ever walk the earth. Socks are an excellent foot fetishist deterrent.

Yay socks.

No name brand > All. Those things are durable and they outlast anything. Just ask [media=youtube]_QhuBIkPXn0&feature=related"[/media].

Look in your shoes.

Socks are awesome. I love the toe socks or the furry winter ones for just hanging around at home. I actually like wearing socks to sleep sometimes 'cause my feet gets cold easily. I hate losing socks, it bothers the hell out of me. Socks just makes the world a happier place.:woot: